You Can Get This McLaren Racing FF Backpack For Free!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

The Free Fire x McLaren collaboration officially starts today! This can be seen with the start of the Free Fire x McLaren event which, of course, Buddy Booyah should not miss the excitement in it.

Buddy Booyah can get various free gifts in the McLaren Free Fire event which of course has a McLaren theme. One of the many free gifts is the McLaren Racing Free Fire (FF) Backpack skin.

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Curious about how to get the McLaren Racing FF Backpack for free in this Free Fire x McLaren event? Here’s Booyah News has a leak how to do it!

Free McLaren Racing FF Backpack

The McLaren Racing Backpack is a special backpack that was present at the Free Fire x McLaren collaboration event. Having a yellow color, the appearance of this backpack still seems not far from the racing theme.

Meanwhile, for Buddy Booyah who wants to get this McLaren Racing Backpack, later you are required to exchange one of the Tokens in the Free Fire x McLaren event, namely the Wet Racing Tire Token.

You can get Wet Racing Tire Token, Buddy Booyah, by taking it from Deadbox or enemy chests which can be done starting on July 28, 2021. Meanwhile, here is a list of prizes that you can exchange for Wet Racing Tire Tokens.

Exchange Period: 28 July – 3 August 2021

Prize List:

  • 15x Wet Racing Tire Tokens: McLaren Racing Backpack
  • 5x Wet Racing Tire Tokens: 1x Diamond Royale (limit: 2)
  • 3x Wet Racing Tire Tokens: 1x in-game bonus (limit: 3)
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How can you not wait to take part in the excitement of other Free Fire x McLaren events?

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