You Can Get D-bee FF Characters in Free Fire’s Latest Top Up Bonus!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

The Top Up Bonus event on Free Fire is certainly one of the things you have been waiting for. What’s more, if the FF Top Up Bonus presents interesting items that can be obtained as bonuses when doing Top Up.

Well, good news for Buddy Booyah because the FF Top Up Bonus is back on Free Fire! In this FF Top Up Bonus, Buddy Booyah can get the newest character in Free Fire, D-bee!

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Curious about what D-bee’s character looks like and how many Diamonds should Buddy Booyah Top Up be able to get this FF character for free? Here’s the explanation!

D-bee Free Fire (FF) character

D-bee, is a new character in Free Fire that was previously introduced on the Advance Server FF May-June. This character is a character that is quite eccentric with the appearance it brings.

Buddy Booyah can later get a D-bee character by Top Up at least 140 Diamonds from July 3 to July 9. Later, after Top Up, Buddy Booyah can immediately claim this character.

  1. Make a top up worth a minimum 140 Diamonds.
  2. Visit the In-game Events Tab Event>Top Up Bonus.
  3. Click “Take“.
  4. Prizes will go directly to Vault/Collection you.

D-bee himself is present in Free Fire with a skill called Bullet Beats. With this skill, at the maximum level D-bee is able to increase movement speed by 15% when shooting while walking and also an accuracy of 35%.

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What do you think, Buddy Booyah himself, is this character interesting to use? Don’t forget to top up on the specified date to get the D-bee character in Free Fire (FF)!

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