Wonder Wheel FF Discount Event, Have a Platinum Sunset Free Fire Bundle!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

In Free Fire, Buddy Booyah doesn’t always get various items at expensive prices. In some events, Buddy Booyah will get a very high discount.

Besides Mystery Shop FF, there is an event that also has a big discount. Coming soon to Free Fire Indonesia for the first time, this event has the name Wonder Wheel Free Fire (FF) event!

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In this Wonder Wheel FF event, later Buddy Booyah can get a pretty cool bundle, namely the Platinum Sunset Bundle. Check out this article to find out more about this new event!

Bundle Platinum Sunset FF Event Wonder Wheel Free Fire

The Wonder Wheel FF event is a new event at Free Fire and will be present for the first time where Buddy Booyah has the opportunity to get the Platinum Sunset Bundle.

Coming from September 14 to 20, here are the conditions for the Wonder Wheel event with the main prize being the Platinum Sunset Bundle:

  1. Use diamonds to open one of the prizes, there are 8 prizes that you can get
  2. You have a chance to win the main prize, namely the Platinum Sunset bundle when you open each card or you will definitely win it when you open the last (eighth) card.
  3. Besides the Platinum Sunset bundle, you can also win the Power of Money emote and various other attractive prizes
  4. You get 2x the chance to use the discount on every spin you want
  5. The price of diamonds for spins will increase as the number of spins increases
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The maximum discount that Buddy Booyah can get in this Wonder Wheel event is 85%. Of course, Buddy Booyah is better off using these 2 discount opportunities if you have entered the Spin at a big price.

Buddy Booyah can get several prizes in this event besides the Platinum Sunset bundle. For example, there are various Luck Royale Vouchers as well as Weapon Loot Crate and Power of Money emotes.

How, are Buddy Booyah interested in getting the Platinum Sunset bundle at this New Wonder Wheel FF event? Don’t miss out on getting this cute bundle!

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