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You must know the Wonder Free Fire (FF) Discount Event, one of the new events that is quite interesting because it is a combination of 2 things. Of course, later you might feel happy too, when you join an event like this and try the event mechanism in the game later.

Surely there will be many interesting prizes that we can get, when we try and use them when competing. Because this will improve the appearance of your character, so you don’t miss some other prizes that are present for you to try right away.

There are even some Moco Rebith Free Fire Events, one of the most lively parts of September 2021 now. Because the prizes that we will get, are indeed things that we must solve immediately so that we get the prizes too.

So don’t miss the newest Wonder Free Fire (FF) Discount Event, because this is indeed the newest part of the game. If you later participate in this event, you will realize that there are 2 Combined Events that we get now.

Wonder Free Fire (FF) Discount Event

Wonder Free Fire (FF) Discount Event

Now we have a new event called the Wonder Discount, of course you have to do a spin if you want to take part in this event. Now, in this new event, we will also find out, if it turns out that there are 2 combined events that are not so foreign either.

At the event we will feel the excitement of the Mystery Shop and Spin, of course you might be interested in trying it too. Because the prize that the player will get, it depends and is random according to the course of the event in this game.

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If it’s a High prize, you will definitely get a high prize like Skin or something like that. Of course, the excitement that you can receive when playing the Wonder Wheel Event, will not be replaced at all for this type of appearance right now.

To play this event is also relatively easy and you will probably find out here soon.

  1. In this event, those of you who follow it will get 2 events in one type.
  2. You must first enter the Event Tab, then after this section select the event whose name is Wonder Wheel.
  3. After entering the players will get a chance to play first the discount they will bring to play.
  4. If you have got the discount, then now you are immediately carried into the Spin.
  5. Now the Spin process in this event will get more expensive, when you don’t succeed in getting the main prize or what we want.
  6. You will get all the prizes if you don’t get the main Spin until the end.
  7. However, the Spin price will be cheap again if the player checks the use of the discount that we initially got.
  8. The opportunity for this discount is only 2 times and you must use it as best you can.
  9. This gift will go directly into your Vault and can be used immediately of course.

After getting the main prize, you will definitely get a big profit and you won’t want to miss it at all. Because what we can get at this event too, is quite satisfying and impresses many people.

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Well, maybe you will also get more prizes, if you take part in an event like this in the Free Fire game, yes.

After knowing the Wonder Free Fire (FF) Discount Event, maybe you also want to try it right away like how. Because what we can get from it, is a gift that is definitely new or old but rare.

Use a Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, so that at the beginning of the Spin you can immediately get the prize permanently. Well of course if you use something like this, you might feel interested in doing it.

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