Without Detecting Skills, Here’s How to Know the Enemy’s Existence in Free Fire (FF)!

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Battle Royale games like Free Fire certainly cannot be separated from war. However, the war in question is not limited to having a shootout with the enemy. But there are things that need to be considered, for example information on enemy positions.

Knowing the presence of the enemy can provide additional information when trying to initiate an attack. The presence of characters with detection skills supports this. However, not always the enemy’s position can only be known by using these skills.

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In the following, Booyah News summarizes several ways to find out the enemy’s position. Curious about what it means? Check out the list below!

Take advantage of the High Ground Spot

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The advantage of being in a high ground position is a wider viewing distance. The difference in the height of the contrasting place is the cause. Therefore, securing high ground can be used to observe enemy positions.

Like a scout, Buddy Booyah can hold himself for a while in the high ground area to determine if there are enemies around Buddy Booyah. This is quite beneficial, because there is no need to waste any resources and can reduce the possibility of being hit by enemy backstabs.


Source: Beritabooyahid

Can be used anytime and anywhere, is the advantage of UAV-Lite. This mini version of the UAV FF item is very helpful for knowing the enemy’s position either when rotating or in a defensive position.

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Therefore, UAV-Lite becomes the best game support item in terms of knowing the enemy’s position. However, it takes wisdom to use it only at crucial times, so that the results obtained are more accurate.

Track Drop Zone and Rotation Path

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This method requires instinct and precise calculations. Understanding the drop zone and predicting the enemy’s rotation path can also be used to find out the enemy’s position. If done correctly, this trick is very profitable.

If you succeed in calculating the enemy’s position, then Buddy Booyah just has to make a choice. Do you want to enter the rotation path with the possibility of meeting the enemy or looking for another safer path to lock in victory.

Step Listening Ability

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Make no mistake, the ability to hear steps will be very helpful to realize the enemy’s position. It can be said, hearing the enemy’s steps is difficult and easy. Because, often what is heard is the steps themselves or teammates.

Having the ability to hear good steps will help Buddy Booyah to be more aware of the presence of enemies in the surrounding environment. This automatically reduces the risk of being backed up or exposed to a surprise attack.

Well, that’s a row of things that can help find out the enemy’s position outside of the use of detection skills. Among the list above, which one do Buddy Booyah use the most when playing the Free Fire game?

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