Why is the Pink Guardian Free Fire (FF) Bundle Cool? – news

You have to know why the Pink Guardian Free Fire (FF) Bundle is Cool? From here we will indeed know many things, about the interesting Bundle.

Because every Bundle in this Fre Fire game, must have a reason why it can be cool or interesting to use later.

Even for now we will also have many interesting updates, so you can try them all and don’t miss anything.

The event will also definitely provide the latest prizes, so interesting bundles will indeed appear in this game.

Just like the Reasons Why You Should Have a Free Fire Earthshaker Shadow Bundle, where this is indeed something that should not be missed.

Not only that, right now there are still lots of other cool things to try when competing against the enemy.

Where do we also have to know Why is the Pink Guardian Free Fire (FF) Bundle Cool?, let’s find out everything.

Curious? Let’s just look at the explanation in the article below.

Why is the Pink Guardian Free Fire (FF) Bundle Cool?

Frequently Available Bundles Free

Of course the first thing that can make this Bundle even cooler, it’s the best part for you to have when it comes back.

We can all know that the Pink Guardian Bundle is often present for free at every event that appears today.

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By using these free gifts, of course you will look more attractive to compete against enemies later.

This bundle, too, we can still get until now by buying it.


If you don’t know what a Crossdresser is, it’s a term called Berlinstas Clothing where Boys wear girls clothes and vice versa.

So if you look at the pink guardian bundle, it’s pretty clear, right? If the bundle is wearing girl clothes or costumes.

That’s what makes this Bundle really cool to use, it’s just that there are some who don’t like it either.

Because the appearance of the Cowo character, which should be cool, turns out to be like this when using the Bundle as well.

Ever Attended Old And Rare Events

It used to be present in a rare and very old event, but for now it is no longer present in things like that anymore.

So you really have to know that we can’t miss an Old event like this and the bundle too.

If you really like the Bundle, there’s nothing wrong with collecting and using it now.

Appearance and already know that this is an old event bundle, so you really have to get it to be cooler later.

Her Hair Matches All Boy Characters

If your character really wants to be more interesting to look at, then you can use another cool Bundle and use Pink Guardian Hair.

That way, the combination given by the Cowo Character will look more different from other players too.

How about you guys with the combination of the Bundle and his hair, it will definitely look interesting to use later.

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It’s been used by many players

Because this bundle used to be Free, don’t be surprised if you have seen the Lobby full of this Bundle.

That way, those of you who still have the Pink Guardian Bundle, do you want to create another Guardian Team on Free Fire?

It must be one of the most interesting jobs, for you to try later.

After knowing why the Pink Guardian Free Fire (FF) Bundle is Cool?, then this will be an interesting piece of information for you to know.

Because everything that is presented in the Free Fire game now, has presented many cool bundles and that is one of them.

If you want to look cool again, you can try How to Get Free Fire Pink Hair which can be used on the female character later.

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