Who is the Free Fire (FF) Aircraft Pilot? This is the Real Fact!

Who is the Airplane Pilot in Free Fire (FF)? This is the Real Fact!

Free Fire (FF) Battleground is arguably a game full of mystery, because each character in this game has their own story.

Well, one of the biggest mysteries that many Free Fire (FF) players want to know is who is the pilot on the FF plane?

Who is the pilot of the FF plane?

Garena’s side has never given an answer to this mystery, that’s why many players want to find out for themselves.

Several ways have been done by players to be able to look inside the plane and find the pilot.

One that works is to use the glider bug, where players wait until the plane is at the end of the map, then players exit using the glider and can see into the plane.

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Previously in 2021, Free Fire Youtuber “febri fegan” had tried this bug and managed to see inside the FF plane.

Here are the results:

From the results of the video above, it can be concluded that the plane carrying 50 players don’t have a pilot!

Febri managed to use the bug glider and looked inside the plane, but the plane was empty and no one could see it.

who is the pilot of the plane ff
FF plane pilot not seen (Source: Febri Fegan)

This could mean that planes in Free Fire use the Auto-pilot system so it doesn’t need a manual pilot.

However, it is also possible that the pilot does exist, it’s just that the Garena development team did not design their characters in the game.

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