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Let’s find out directly Who Alok is in Garena Free Fire (FF)?, maybe we who often use this character don’t really know who he is. But maybe if you already know, surely there will be many fans both in the game and in the real world as well.

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Then to get to know Who Alok is in Kabargokil Free Fire (FF), you will know all the information right away. Moreover, Alok himself is familiar to everyone.

Who is Alok in Free Fire (FF)?

Alok in the free fire game is a character that was released because of the collaboration of Garena free fire with a DJ named DJ ALOK.

Alok, whose real name is Alok Achkar Peres Petrillio, was born on August 26, 1991 and is a Brazilian national. The character named Alok, is a DJ Alok who comes from the Real World and is most popular because he is in the Top 10.

He is a DJ, Musician and also a Record Producer who has gone worldwide because of some of the works he has created. Even Alok is a character who is present in the Free Fire game, right when in 2021 he and Garena made a collaboration.

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Even Alok has often collaborated duets, even with KSHMR or Dimitri.

Even Alok himself gave a special song for the Free Fire Collaboration, you must know about DJ Alok – Vale Vale. Then the price of Alok Skin in the Free Fire Game is also not cheap, you can spend more than 300 thousand to buy it later.

Moreover, DJ Alok, who is popular on Free Fire, turned out to be the Top 10 of several World Famous DJs such as David Guetta and Dimitri Like. Collaboration with a DJ Also the first time by Garena with Alok, releasing his character and the most meta.

If you realize DJ Alok has a very good skill in battle, the effect of his skill is a DJ chant that he often brings. Even DJ Alok will gather at the 4th Anniversary Reunion of the Free Fire Game, together with KSHMR and Dimitri Like.

Even Alok also had time to play the Free Fire game if he had free time at work, his ability to play using his own character was very strong. That’s why he is indeed a meta and quite famous, even the little Free Fire also often says “Bang gift Alok”.

A character who comes from the Real World, has a very famous and busy life because of his DJ Affairs. Then join the Free Fire game, in an unbeatable collaboration.

For collaborations with CR7, KSHMR or Dimitri, it may still be a bit less popular than DJ Alok. So that’s Alok According to Kabargokil, one of the famous DJs and in the World Top 10, even a Free Fire game character.

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After you know Who Alok is in Kabargokil Free Fire (FF), then you won’t feel foreign or unfamiliar with this character right now. Understand and maybe this information will make you know more and are big fans of this character.

Moreover, there are also 10 Most Beautiful Free Fire Characters, even Alok is included in one of the list options. Now it’s time for us to shout again, playing activities using the character of DJ Alok.

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