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Want to know Where is Hayato Free Fire’s (FF) Hometown, of course you also need to know the answer too. Because right now we really have a lot of the latest things, even everything that might make you feel interested in trying it.

Maybe you want to immediately find out some things that are in this Free Fire game, such as the history of the new characters and events. Because knowing the inner side of this character turns out to have a relationship with the ongoing event in the game.

You probably already know that there is a new 4nniversary Free Fire Event Schedule, even the prizes that we get are also a lot. The missions that you must complete are indeed very easy, but you must also remember the time before completing all these things.

Especially you can know where is Hayato Free Fire (FF) Hometown, because Kabargokil has prepared the answer here.

Where is Hayato Free Fire (FF) Hometown, Here’s the Answer

Where is Hayato Free Fire (FF) Hometown, Here's the Answer

Statement: Where is Hayato’s Hometown free fire (FF)?

  • Nurek Dam
  • Clock Tower
  • Samurai Garden (Village Hayato FF Correct Answer)
  • The Peak

The right answer for you to fill in today is Samurai Garden, of course if you know the story of the Hayato Free Fire character, you will understand. Because he is also a Japanese person, he must have had the same relationship with elements from that country until now.

Hayato is one of the most famous Samurai descendants in Free Fire, even he must continue to carry his family’s blood. It was also said that Hayato and all of his descendants had obtained the Curse, now only he is left.

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This character never wants to leave a place called the Samurai Garden, because that place is the beginning of the strongest Samurai. Besides that, Hayato had a reason to leave this place, perhaps because he was helping others.

Also considering that Kelly is Hayato’s little cousin who is also in the same hometown as him, even Hayato was previously reported to have disappeared without a trace. Now, this location called Samurai Garden can be found on the Bermuda Remastered Map, a replacement for the previous Map that existed.

This location is also very strategic for combat, because you will find lots of loot items and houses to take cover later. In fact, there are a lot of beautiful scenery in Samurai Garden, because that’s where the Hayato character appears in the Free Fire game.

You will also see a lot of interesting locations, even some pretty dense cherry trees at that location. Even you yourself will see some ancient and traditional Japanese Houses, has a lot of cultural diversity in this Location.

For Hayato’s hometown, this is indeed quite an interesting and large place, it’s just that if you go down, stay alert too. Because the conditions that do not allow you to face the enemy later, will have a change in the existing gameplay.

Now, if you already know, you can just choose the answer in the latest event this time, maybe there will be lots of prizes too. Even the player will have the opportunity to get a jackpot prize, because every day if the answer is correct, it can continue.

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Maybe for the hometown of Hayato’s character, this is clear enough, even easy for us to guess because it appeared first. If you want the early trailer for Hayato’s Awakening or Kelly’s story, the place is Samurai Garden.

After knowing where is Hayato Free Fire (FF) Hometown, then now is the time for you to answer the statement. Because after getting this question as well, it might be more interesting if you know everything that comes up as well.

Especially for yesterday we had the presence of Maxim Free Fire’s Sister, maybe those of you who don’t know will also be surprised. Because this Maxim character has a brother named Misha, he also enters this game as the strongest character.

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