When to Release & A Little Explanation of the New Weapon AC80 Free Fire (FF)

Here’s a little explanation from SPIN Esports about the leaked new weapons on the advanced server Free Fire (FF) is called AC80 and when will it be released, then how powerful is that weapon?

Currently Advanced server Free Fire the arrival of a new weapon called the AC80. Which this weapon is mentioned by players is very OP.

Then how much damage, how the weapon works, what type of weapon it is and so on, we will discuss a little.

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AC80 Free Fire

Photo via Berita Booyah ID

The AC80 weapon itself is a “Marksman Rifle” type weapon, a long-barreled weapon with a wooden design.

This weapon can also be fitted with all attachments in Free Fire (FF) except Scope. Because there is already a 4x scope on this weapon and it cannot be removed.

As for the damage itself, AC80 has lethal damage, one bullet can deal around 60 damage more or less on the first bullet.

While the second bullet fired in succession can deal additional damage of around 100 damage.

When Release?

AC80 Free Fire
Photo via Berita Booyah ID

The exact time when this weapon will be released is still unknown, but it is very likely that this new AC80 FF weapon will be released soon.

Maybe it will be released in a big update Free Fire next! So just wait for the spinners to be released on the original server.

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