What’s the difference between the FF Sports Car and the McLaren Free Fire Special Sports Car?

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If Buddy Booyah pays attention and plays Free Fire at this time, of course Buddy Booyah finds something new in Free Fire. Yep, there is a new Sports Car vehicle released in FF!

This Sports Car which has a different appearance is the result of a design from the Free Fire collaboration with McLaren which is scheduled to be present and enliven Free Fire in the near future.

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But, of course Buddy Booyah is wondering what the difference is between the Sports Cars that were previously available on Free Fire and the McLaren special Sports Cars. Through this article, Booyah News will explain it!

Is there a difference between Sports Car FF and Sports Car McLaren

The striking difference that you can see from the Sports Car Free Fire that has existed since the beginning with the McLaren Sports Car is in terms of shapes and colors that are 180 degrees different.

When viewed from the color, the McLaren Sports Car has a white color. Of course, it is very different from the Sports Car Free Fire which has been around since the beginning which appeared in a dark color.

In addition, the McLaren Sports Car in Free Fire also has a shape that is more similar to a racing car. But aside from looks, are there any differences between the Sports Car FF and the Sports Car McLaren?

The answer is NO! Both the early Sports Car on Free Fire and the McLaren collaboration Sports Car on Free Fire have no differences other than appearance. This means, from a statistical point of view, both are exactly the same.

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Perhaps the difference is that the Sports Car, the result of the Free Fire x McLaren collaboration, cannot use skins. In your opinion, Buddy Booyah himself, how does the Sports Car look in this Free Fire x McLaren collaboration?

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