West Bandits Esports Stops Dewa United Esports’ Perfect Point Series on Day 4 FFML Season IV Division 2!

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After previously presented the battle of teams from POT B and C, the continuation of FFML Season IV Division 2 which has entered Day 2 this time presents teams from POT A and B to duel again after previously meeting on the first day.

This is the third match of the 12 teams in POT A and B. Of course, this means that they have to be even more maximal in getting points for 1 promotion ticket to Division 1 in each POT.

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In a way, yesterday’s Mtach Day 4 FFML Season IV Division 2 was treated to fierce competition between two teams from POT A, namely West Bandits Esports and Dewa United Esports in fighting for the top position.

Moreover, if you look at Booyah’s achievements on Match Day 4, both Dewa United Esports and West Bandits Esports both bagged two of Booyah’s achievements and took turns in Match 2 to 3.

  • Match 1 (Bermuda): MONOCHROME MORPH
  • Match 2 (Kalahari): God of United Esports
  • Match 3 (Purgatory): West Bandits Esports
  • Match 4 (Bermuda): God of United Esports
  • Match 5 (Kalahari): Rosugo Esports
  • Match 6 (Purgatory): West Bandits Esports

Even so, Dewa United Esports, who of course targets to return full points on Match Day 4, must be tolerant. The reason is, it must be admitted that West Bandits Esports performed better last night.

2 Booyah coupled with good standings points and 26 kills are more than enough to make West Bandits Esports the king on Match Day 4 FFML Season IV Division 2.

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This result has slightly narrowed the gap between Dewa United Esports and West Bandits Esports in POT A, where for now Dewa United Esports is still untouchable and cold at the top with a total of 57 points.

Meanwhile, for POT B, The Pillars Gladius Team who successfully secured the third position made them automatically get 20 points and led this team to become the temporary leader of the POT B standings.

The competition for the FFML Season IV Division 2 teams will return next Sunday, September 2, 2021. However, on Saturday, August 28, 2021, the teams from Division 1 will show off against each other which you can watch via YouTube, Facebook Live, and Booyah Live FF Esports ID!

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