Want to Get Judgment Ironface Free Fire (FF) for Free? Let’s Listen

How do I get the Judgment Ironface bundle on Free Fire (FF) for free and what do I have to do to get it?

Calm down, friend, you can get the latest bundle in FF just by completing missions. But before going into the discussion, we will explain a little about the Judgment Ironface.

Recently, FF added a bundle that can be used by all players from the beginning to the end of the game. In the Daily Activity Point mission, FF apparently limits the time period from February 22 to February 28, 2021 only. Well for those of you who haven’t finished it, this is your job.

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The new FF Judgment Ironface bundle has a very cool look with a black custom base plus a character wearing a gold mask like a very dashing warrior.

Then, how to get Judgment Ironface FF Free?

Judgment Ironface Free Fire (FF)
Photo: YouTube – MBG RAKESH

To get the bundle, players must collect at least 600 points from the Daily Activity Point mission for a week to get the Judgment Ironface top, bottom, and shoes for free and a 3-day trial.

For more details, you can see the mission details from the Daily Activity Point below:

  • Login: 5 Daily Activity Points
  • Play one game in Rank Mode: 5 Daily Activity Points
  • Share once: 5 Daily Activity Points
  • Reach Top 15 in one-time solo mode: 10 Daily Activity Points
  • Reach Top 5 in one-time squad mode: 10 Daily Activity Points
  • Play three games in any mode: 10 Daily Activity Points
  • Use 1 diamond: 15 Daily Activity Points
  • Collect four badges: 15 Daily Activity Points
  • Kill 5 enemies: 15 Daily Activity Points
  • Accumulated play 20 minutes: 15 Daily Activity Points
  • Play 1 game with friends: 15 Daily Activity Points
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In addition to getting the main prize in the form of a Judgment Ironface bundle, players will also get prizes that are no less interesting than others. Like 20 gold, Create Armor x2, Scanner x2, Note (Paloma) x5, and of course the M79-Midnight Mafia skin (24h) x1.

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