Want to Get Free PUBG Mobile Premium Crate? Follow This Way!

Of the many PUBG Mobile players, maybe there are some gamers who don’t know how to get the PUBG Mobile Premium Crate coupon.

Yes, we don’t discuss what Crate is, because we believe that most gamers who play this game already know. But here we will discuss “how to get it”.

Tencent, as the developer, has provided Crate for its players. In the Crate, look forward to containing various kinds of prizes that are no less cool than others.

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However, the most interesting thing is that there is a Premium Crate which is the target of many players, because the Crate contains rare items that are rarely found anywhere.

Therefore, allow me to represent Hobigame.id to give tips on getting a PUBG Mobile Premium Crate Coupon. For those of you who are interested, please see below.

How to Get PUBG Mobile Premium Coupon Crate

pubg mobile premium crates
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As we know, PUBGM Crates available in the shop are sold at quite expensive prices, to open just one Crate it can cost 120 UC.

In our opinion, this price is reasonable, considering that this Premium Crate contains a number of good and cool items. In fact, chances are you can get clothes that don’t exist in other Crates, you know.

Previously, the main prize from Crate Premium was Ghillie Lion. But for this month there is no information on when Premium Crate will be present again in PUBG Mobile.

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Knowing this, this is an opportunity for players to collect as many coupons as possible, and when the Premium Crate is present, you can open it immediately.

How to?

You just need to visit the Shop, then go to Treasure and there you will have the opportunity to buy 5 Premium Coupon Scraps every day. Now to get the coupon, you need at least 10 Scrap.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy with UC, but use 20 Silver Tokens. By carrying out missions, opening Crates, and dismantling more than one shirt, you can get free Silver Tokens.

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Carry out missions or open a Crate every day to get Silver Tokens for free. To get one Coupon Crate Premium per two days, you will spend 200 Silver Tokens.

Let’s get excited about collecting Silver Tokens to exchange them for Scrap. If you run out of Silver Tokens and have more budget to buy UC, then there’s nothing wrong with buying Scrap for 12 UC only.

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