Want to Download Free Fire (FF) Max Now? Know This First!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Free Fire (FF) Max, is one of the features presented by Free Fire. In Free Fire (FF) Max, players experience significant improvements in terms of graphics, sound, and animations.

Unfortunately, currently Free Fire (FF) Max is not yet available in Indonesia and is only available in beta in a few countries. However, it seems that there are various players who decide to download Free Fire Max from other countries and even download from places other than official.

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Well, for Buddy Booyah who wants to try to download Free Fire Max, maybe you can read this article to think twice whether you want to download Free Fire Max for now or better wait until it’s officially released in Indonesia!

Currently Free Fire (FF) Max is not yet available in Indonesia

One of the things that Buddy Booyah should know is that currently Free Fire Max is not officially available in Indonesia. If Buddy Booyah meets your friend who plays using Free Fire Max, it’s almost certain that it’s from an outside region.

Your Free Fire account will not be able to login to Free Fire (FF) Max if you download it from another server

One of the biggest things you have to consider is, if Buddy Booyah downloads Free Fire Max from another server, then Buddy Booyah cannot log in using an account that comes from the Indonesian server or the one you are currently using.

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This is due to the different Region of the server. Similarly, if Buddy Booyah downloads Free Fire from another server, Buddy Booyah will not be able to login using an account from the Indonesian server.

Downloading Free Fire (FF) Max Could Bring Malware/Virus

At this point, this can happen if Buddy Booyah forces himself to download Free Fire Max not from an official source and chooses to search from an untrusted source.

It’s not impossible, the Free Fire Max application also carries viruses or malware that make Buddy Booyah’s device no longer optimal when used.

If you are Booyah yourself, are you impatient to wait for the presence of Free Fire (FF) Max in Indonesia?

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