Wannn Reveals the Reason for Taking a Break from the Mobile Legends Competitive Scene

Wannn decided to take a break from the competitive Mobile Legends scene and recently this EVOS Legends jungler revealed the reason why he made this decision.

The reason is, Wannn was previously still playing with EVOS Legends in the first week of MPL ID Season 7, and the decision to take a break was a surprise for fans.

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As we know, in the 2nd week of MPL ID S7 Wannn’s position as the core was replaced by Clover and Rekt returned to fill the side lane. Unfortunately, they had to swallow the bitterness of defeat against Geek Fam with a score of 2-1.

Wannn’s Reason for Taking a Break

In Wannn’s conversation with Jonathan Liandi on NimoTV, they discussed EVOS a lot, especially his decision to take a break and return to Pontianak.

Even though he chose to take a break, Wannn admitted that he still wanted to continue to be a professional player for the competitive world of Mobile Legends.

I still want to be a pro player, but because my feelings have been crushed, it’s like it’s not clear, so I want to go back first and I think that this is the best choice,” he said on NimoTV Jonathan Liandi.

wannn's reason for taking a break
Photo: RevivalTV

In addition, Wannn also gave a reason why she chose to take a break, because she was worried, where Wannn was no longer herself.

Now I’m confused about my true nature, which is rich, calm, cool or really funny or really innocent. I don’t know what kind of character I am now, so just follow people, if that’s the person I’m like this. So I don’t know what my true nature is, said Wann.

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Even so, Wannn still wants to be a pro player in Mobile Legends and play with EVOS Legends. Cheers Wan!

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