Walkthrough Biomutant Part 3: How to Defeat Hoof Puff

After you kill the boss Puff Jumbo and the three headed Porky Puff. The next step is to defeat the last World Eater to disturb the world of Biomutants. However, before preparing to take on the Hoof Puff, Out-of-Date has another quest for you.

This guide will give you the basic info needed to best Forget-Lupine in battle, get the Mjut mount, and end the Hoof Puff. If you’re not ready to beat the Hoof Puff yet, be sure to read this Biomutant guide before taking it any further.

Fighting Forget-Lupin

forget about biomutants

Even if you want to defeat the two remaining World Eaters, Out-of-Date would first suggest having a chat with Lupa-Lupin. And despite being one of the main antagonists of Biomutant, the next fight is pretty easy. There are no tricks to defeat difficult enemies, just keep beating until the enemy’s blood bar runs out.

Most of the Forgot-Lupine attacks have been marked well in advance, so watch for their change in attitude which is a death reward for an upcoming attack.

Like most fights in Biomutant, the ranged class will likely have an easier time with the battle than the melee class. If you have a weapon that works well from a distance, then it will be advantageous to dodge anything thrown at you by Forgot-Lupin.

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Meanwhile, melee players must remain vigilant and constantly dodge or fend off attacks from these monstrous creatures.

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Once you defeat Lupa-Lupin, he will be eaten by the Tree of Life, although you will have to return to face him one more time.

Find Mjut and Prepare To Fight The Hoof Puff

mjut mount biomutant

With Forget-Lupin gone, the main focus right now returned to World Eater. Head to Noko, and they’ll assign you to hunt down Mjut and prepare her for battle with Hoof Puff. As with Jumbo Puff and Porky Puff, you will be sent on several quests before Mjut is ready to use.

After following the quest marker you will find a Glittermoth Grotto and tame Mjut, return to Noko. With some final preparations, you are now ready to take on the third World Eater, Hoof Puff.

How to Beat the Hoof Puff

hoof puff biomutant

Despite its super large size, Hoof Puff is arguably one of the easier kings in Biomutant. However, you’ll be stuck behind Mjut during the fight, so be prepared to keep running and shooting from a distance.

The key to defeating Hoof Puff quickly is to shoot growths in the legs, just shoot and you will do a lot of damage to the scary beast.

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You’ll also have a very short chance of pulling out some of his teeth. This is the best way to destroy Hoof Puff body parts. Get ready to bounce back and dodge whatever attacks come your way.

Luckily, most of Hoof Puff’s attacks are easy to dodge. The movement of the giant beast is quite slow and you can easily tell when it will charge up. You’ll also receive an on-screen prompt, giving you a space where you have to dodge incoming attacks.

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Almost at the End of the Game

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With the third World Eater down, you are rapidly approaching the end of the Biomutant game. Before moving on to the next task, we highly recommend running around and completing some side quests. That way you will get a variety of unique items that are not found anywhere else and give you an edge in the difficult missions to come.

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You should also monitor your Aura, as it will play a role in how the game ends. If you’re not satisfied with the current balance of Light and Dark, take a few minutes to resolve the issue by hunting or rescuing wildlife during side quests.

Once you’re ready, it’s time to complete the rest of the Tribal quests before facing Murk Puff and Forget-Lupin. Tribe quests vary widely based on Tribe selection early in the game, and the decision to join Jagni or Myriad will have a huge impact on how your story unfolds in the coming hours.

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