Vest Thickener, New Item Counter META Grenades on Advance Server FF September 2021!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

The presence of Advance Server FF is eagerly awaited by Free Fire players. Various updates Interesting new things that can be tested are the main reason Free Fire players can’t wait for the Free Fire Advance Server to arrive.

And this September, Advance Server Free Fire is back! This time, a new item was introduced for testing, namely the Vest Thickener item! What is Vest Thickener? What is its function? Check out the discussion below!

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Vest Thickener, New Item in Advance Server FF September!

Vest Thickener is one of the new items introduced in Advance Server FF September. Vest Thickener has a function, namely to reduce damage from explosions, from both grenades and M79s.

Vest Thickener will be automatically installed on Buddy Booyah’s vest, whether it’s still level 1 or level 4. If it’s not already installed, Buddy Booyah can install it manually by directing the Vest Thickener to the right place attachments in vest.

The presence of the Vest Thickener item is arguably mandatory to wait for, considering that there are currently a lot of META Grenades on Free Fire. Vest Thickener can also be a counter for grenades and M79, at the same time counter for Alvaro distance.

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