Various Things That Can Be Found When Random Squad FF, You Too?

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Playing Squad does not only have to play with friends. In Free Fire, Buddy Booyah can play with Random Squad, which means Buddy Booyah will be collected with 3 other players at random.

Even so, of course playing Random Squad and Squad with friends is something different and there are even weird behaviors that are often obtained when Random Squad.

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What are the things that Buddy Booyah often encounters when playing Random Squad on Free Fire? The following is Berita Booyah has various experiences obtained from the author himself when he often plays Random Squad.

Manage it Beat the Esports Coach

Yep, this is what happens most often. When it’s Random Squad, Buddy Booyah, don’t be surprised if later someone manages your every move every step of the way, even defeating a professional esports coach.

Funnily enough, not infrequently players who like to manage are players who have been eliminated first. Then, if he knew how to move well, how could he be eliminated first?

Open Mic with Market-like Backsound

Ever met people who played with voice chat turns on but has noise? Buddy Booyah is not alone. Not infrequently when playing Random Squad there are players who seem to accidentally turn on the mic but there are various supporting voices that are crowded like the market.

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Prefer to Play Alone

The next hilarious event is the player who, even though playing Squad, plays like he is in Solo, namely by rotating himself, does not want to join the team and even when he comes down he is separated from the Squad.

The problem is, when the player knocks. It will be difficult to revive because the distance is not close.

Spam Asks for Revive If Knock

Finally, this might be a pretty annoying thing especially when in battle. Random Squad mates who do Spam asking for a revive especially by using voice chat will disturb the concentration of playing.

If you are Booyah yourself, what things do you often find when playing Random Squad on Free Fire?

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