Various Advantages of Light Machine Gun Type Weapons in Free Fire (FF)!

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The Light Machine Gun is one of the types of weapons found in the Free Fire Game and is still in the Assault Rifle weapon category. There are 4 weapons that fall into the LMG weapon category. The four weapons are the M60, M249, Kord, and Gatling.

All LMG-type weapons are available and can be found in the Battle Royale mode, except for the Gatling weapon which is only available in certain modes. However, not many players use LMG-type weapons as their mainstay when playing Free Fire.

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In fact, LMG type weapons have several striking advantages that should not be underestimated. In this discussion, Booyah News will show the advantages of LMG weapons. Let’s see the full review below!

Huge Attack Power

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All LMG weapons have great attack power. The attack power in question is not only seen in terms of damage, but also the overall performance of the weapon from the combination of various innate attributes of LMG-type weapons.

LMG weapons in Free Fire, namely M60, M249, Kord, and Gatling have a very high Range attribute, above 70 points. These four weapons have almost equal damage and fire rates, ranging from 57 points. Not only that, LMG weapons are also synonymous with very large bullet capacities.

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From this it can be seen that the LMG type weapon has a very large attack power. Each attribute certainly provides a lethal attack effectiveness, and is not inferior to other Assault Rifle weapons.

Overpower Without the Need for Attachments

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Of the four LMG-type weapons in Free Fire, only M60 and M249 can be attached, and even then only Scope. In fact, LMG weapons cannot be attached to attachments and do not require any attachments to obtain maximum damage.

This certainly provides advantages in terms of looting efficiency and the effectiveness of using LMG-type weapons in various situations. Users don’t have to worry about attachments and can use them right away.

Has Two Shooting Modes

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LMG weapons in Free Fire have two firing modes, the use of which can be applied only by crouching. When shooting while crouching, LMG weapons will enter Machine Gun mode. When you stand back up, it will return to Burst Firing shooting mode as usual.

In Machine Gun shooting mode, LMG weapons experience a slight increase in Fire Rate and Accuracy. For Kord itself, there will be a Bullet Spread effect or the spread of bullets that provide accumulative damage with an increase in Accuracy. This is an advantage of LMG weapons that other types of weapons do not have.

With the innate power that is effective without attachments, coupled with the two shooting modes, it actually makes LMG-type weapons very deadly! Is Buddy Booyah including players who often use LMG-type weapons?

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