Until When Will the Free Fire Discount Festival (FF) End? Here’s the date

For those of you who are asking about the Free Fire Festival (FF) when will the discount last? Here we answer the event date period below.

Free Fire is holding a new event called the Discount Festival which is currently taking place, and today there is a lot of discussion.

The reason is, the event is very similar to the Mystery Shop event which is popular among FF players. Yes, from the name alone “Discount Festival” there will definitely be a number of items with high discounts, therefore many players immediately try it.

Meanwhile, many players don’t know how long the event will end. To save time, let’s talk about it right away.

FF Discount Festival Event

Photo: booyah.co.id

Based on information obtained from their official Instagram account, this event was held for a short period of time. Where the FF Discount Festival takes place yesterday (18/2) until next February 24, meaning you still have 5 days left to enjoy the event.

Therefore, if you want to get various interesting and cool items. You can join this event right now, which will later get a big discount.

If the event ends, you have to be a little more patient to wait for the next event such as the Mystery Shop and so on.

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