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You have to know the Unique Facts of Vector Free Fire (FF) Weapons, maybe this will help the player to know what kind of weapon it is. Even knowing things like Unique Facts like this, players who use Vector Weapons will definitely make better use of these weapons.

Moreover, for now we can also know, if there are many weapons that are present in the Free Fire game. Of course you like it, you won’t even want to miss the opportunity to use it when dealing with strong enemies.

Then now you can also know 50 Unique Facts about the existing Free Fire Game, and will even provide deeper knowledge about the game. In fact, there are other things that are more than this, maybe you should also know what weapons are like.

Just like the Unique Facts of Vector Free Fire (FF) Weapons, maybe many are not aware that this weapon has interesting things. We who often use it too, will definitely be more enthusiastic to use the weapon to compete later.

Unique Facts of Free Fire Vector Weapons (FF)

This weapon that has an SMG Type and is named Vector, is one of the most powerful weapons. Even the abilities that you will receive when you use it, are incomparable and will give you a deadly power from other SMGs.

Even now, the use of the SMG Weapon has been included in the Top 10 in the Free Fire game. This is one of the first examples of Unique Facts, for you to understand and see some of the changes that are coming and maybe you will like it.

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The stats of the Vector Weapons themselves are as follows:

Damage: 47

Range: 32

Magazines: 25

Movement Speed: 69

Rate of Fire: 81

Reload Speed: 41

Accuracy: 61

Armor Penetration 0

Another fact that this weapon has a Double Weapon System, we usually call it Akimbo and maybe you will become strong. There’s even no problem using this, it’s just that you have to be prepared to make the 2nd Slot filled with Vector again.

This weapon if you use only 1 piece you will not feel it, it has indeed been proven in close combat. But if you use Double Weapon for battle, the speed of this weapon’s fire will no longer be unstoppable to defeat the enemy.

Vector is one of the weapons that appears most recently, then meta in 1 or 2 seasons. But after getting Nerf, finally this weapon experienced a decrease in users in the new season because it had less potential.

But finally got the buff back, even though it’s not like it used to be now it’s still in low Meta. This weapon also used to have a bug that was quite troublesome, even the repairs had to take a few days.

This Vector weapon has a lot of good stuff, even some other unique facts that you can find in the game later. It’s just that for now there are some that we can’t find anymore, because some things can’t come back.

Maybe new players who like to use Vector, will know some old and current Unique Facts from Vector. Surely the power will not be matched, if you use it properly.

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After knowing the Unique Facts of Vector Free Fire (FF) Weapons, you will definitely understand the deeper power of Vector. Of course the presence of several things, such as facts like this, will indeed help each player so that they are more enthusiastic in competing.

Especially knowing Tips for Using Free Fire Vector Weapons, one of the best parts that we can use when dealing with enemies. Later they would have no more time, to face the opponent without any more trouble.

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