Tutorial on Using the WPS WPA Tester Application on Android

WPS WPA Tester is an Android application that can be used to test the security of a WiFi network. The application works on the recognition side of the router type and matches the WPS PIN that has been entered in the database.

Usually older routers have gaps in the WPS section so the PIN doesn’t change and stays the same. It’s different with today’s routers, which are quite sophisticated and the PIN is not easy to guess because it’s different for each router.

WPS WPA Tester can be used by users to just do testing on private WiFi, so users can find out if the password can appear with the help of WPS WPA Tester, it means the router is not quite safe.

How to Use the WPS WPA Tester Application

Its use is relatively easy, but some people don’t understand due to which is the latest version interfaceits different from before. But don’t worry, it’s actually still easy, you know, how to use it.

Here is the simplest way to use WPS WPA Tester on Android:

  1. Turn on the WiFi network.

  2. Open the WPS WPA Tester application.

  3. Wait until the network is detected.

  4. If it has been detected, please press the network and a warning dialog will appear, please press the button YES

    How to Use WPS WPA Tester on Android

  5. Check on options New Method and if the phone is rooted, select the option Root.

    On the other hand, if the phone is not rooted, select the option No Root.

    How to Use WPS WPA Tester on Android

  6. Then press the button CONNECT AUTOMATIC PIN

    How to Use WPS WPA Tester on Android

  7. Wait for the process to finish. And if successful, the phone will automatically connect to the network.

As a suggestion, if the user already knows the router password and has been connected to WiFi, it is better to go to Arrangement => WiFi => Choose the WiFi Network then press the button Lupakan.

This is so that users do not misunderstand, thinking that the router has a gap even though the cellphone that the user has previously used has been connected to the network.

Why Fail When Using WPS WPA Tester?

Once upon a time, users may have failed when using this application to test network security. This is because the router’s firewall is high and the PIN is not in the database so the application cannot detect it properly.

Usually WPS WPA Tester will have a high success rate if the network icon is green, whereas if the icon is yellow or red, it will usually fail.

Feature Connect Automatic PIN contained in the application has a variety of PIN variations that will be tried. This means the application will try continuously with a random set of PINs or those already stored in the database.

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How to Secure Router from WPS WPA Tester Application?

It’s very easy. Users can simply go to the admin page and disable the WPS feature and it’s done. Each router has a different menu, but trust me there will always be an option to disable this WPS on the admin page.

In addition to just a PIN, users are also expected to use a password that is secure. For example, passwords are given special symbols or capital letters. This technique can avoid repeated attacks on routers or so-called brute force.


Everyone can use WPS WPA Tester on condition that the application can only be used for private networks. Because if the user does not have permission to test the security of other people’s WiFi networks, of course it is an act that violates the law.

If anyone has any questions regarding the tutorial using WPS WPA Tester, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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