Tutorial on Running CGI Proxy on Shared Hosting

Creating a proxy website does have to think about several things, one of which is the security of the users who use it and what kind of program to run. Currently there are more than 5 programs to create the best web proxy, and the most popular is called Glype because it is very easy to use, from the installation process to visiting sites, whether it has a security certificate or not at all, it can run properly on Glype.

Then there is someone who makes a web proxy just to make it as an intermediary browser or you can say front query in the process of calling each URL that exists. One of them used is CGI Proxy program. In my opinion, this program is very good to use only to understand CGI programming, while I actually still don’t really understand it. But users who use the CGI Proxy will not be confused, because it is already provided manual to install it.

Some people usually ignore the settings in the CGI Proxy script which makes the server unable to execute properly. And also most people wear it on Shared Hosting which many features are turned off for security reasons, but there are still many hosting servers that enable CGI modules, such as Namecheap, Hostgator, Bluehost. Maybe the current user wants to install the CGI Proxy program on the shared hosting ? Here I give the easiest method.

  1. First of all, please download the program on the CGI Proxy Version Page. I suggest choosing the version 2.1.6 because it is a stable version.

  2. Next please extract archive it using WinRar or something and edit The CGI script uses Notepad or a text editor. Please search in the $RUNNING_ON_SSL_SERVER please set as , and search again section $OVERRIDE_SECURITY set as 1.

    How to Run CGI Proxy on Shared Hosting

  3. Now please enter FTP and upload the CGI file earlier, and after that change it chmod or permission to become 755.

    How to Run CGI Proxy on Shared Hosting

  4. Now try to access the CGI Proxy file, it must have been opened.

  5. If there is an error problem when accessing the CGI Proxy, try changing it in the section $NOT_RUNNING_AS_NPH as 1 and re-access.

    How to Run CGI Proxy on Shared Hosting

In some types of problems, when accessing the URL it will display only text code and no form at all marked server does not enable CGI module, then can’t access certified sites like Google and others because they haven’t been set up like the example above, and there are still many types of errors in CGI Proxy that will be encountered. It would be better if the CGI Proxy was run on a website that supports SSL, so the security of users who use it can be guaranteed.

I recommend using version 2.1.6 because it is stable and actually it would be better to use a version below so that it can run without a lot of problems. Sometimes people also forget not to set the permissions as 755 which results in an error that can appear HTTP 500, 403, 401, and so on. From my own experience, when installing on a website that does not support SSL or HTTPS, most likely cannot access Facebook and fill in the Captcha on the Google search engine.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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