Tutorial on Creating a VPS on Amazon Lightsail

Tutorial on Creating a VPS on Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is known as the largest cloud computing service provider in the world. And the good thing is that new users are given free access (free tier) for one year. Of course it is enough for beginners to start learning and familiarizing themselves with operating all the features on AWS.

Creating a VPS on AWS can actually be done through the EC2. But unfortunately the user can’t be sure how much it will cost, considering that there is no price provided fixed or fit for each month.

But now you can create a VPS on Amazon for the right price per month. That way you don’t have to hesitate anymore about the monthly bill because you already know it. And that feature is Amazon Lightsail.

Creating a VPS on Amazon Lightsail

If you have previously created a VPS on a server provider such as Digital Ocean or Vultr, then making in Lightsail is also just as easy. Because through this feature, you are given the convenience of installing a VPS, even for creating a WordPress-based website though.

Before starting, make sure you have an active AWS account. And Amazon Lightsail can also be enjoyed for free for 1 month. And here is the tutorial, please listen carefully.

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console first.

  2. Click option Services and select Lightsail.

    Creating a VPS on Amazon Lightsail

  3. Next click the button Create Instance.

    Click the Create Instance Button

  4. First, select the server location. Click Change AWS Region and Availability Zone to change it.

    Choose a Server Location on Amazon Lightsail

  5. If the location is already set, scroll down to select the platform type. Either Linux or Windows.

  6. Continue down again to select the operating system, for example Ubuntu.

    Selecting Operating System

  7. Then scroll again and click on option Change SSH key pair. Click the Download option in the section Default.

    Download SSH Key on VPS

  8. Please scroll down to the section Choose your instance plan, and choose the right VPS specifications according to your needs.

    Choose the VPS Specs to Create on Amazon Lightsail

  9. And in part Identify your instance please change the column with the name of the VPS to be created.

    Naming VPS

  10. The last step, click the button Create Instance and wait for the creation process to complete.

The process of making VPS through Lightsail is faster than through EC2. It only takes a few seconds for Linux platforms, but takes a little longer for Windows platforms.

After the VPS is successfully created, you can start managing via SSH with credentials username root and Default SSH key which was downloaded earlier. Or you can use it directly Cloud Shell provided there.

Solution Can’t Access Lightsail

This is often experienced by new users, where when opening Amazon Lightsail a notification will appear on the page, as if the page is not available. But the solution is very easy, please log out of the account and then log back in.

But if that still doesn’t solve it, please open an AWS account via Incognito Mode or incognito tabs in the browser. Because most likely the problem is caused by a stuck cache.

Besides, this could also be due to billing which is problematic. For example, a payment error occurred when signing up for an AWS account. Usually they will send a message in the email if there is an error in the account payment.

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Controlling the VPS is much easier through Amazon Lightsail. Simple navigation will help us in managing, for example stopping the VPS, or deleting it. And for now the cheapest price from the lowest specification is $3.5 per month.

And you can enjoy VPS with the lowest specifications online free for the first 1 month. So in conclusion this Amazon Lightsail does not calculate the cost of CPU usage or anything else, but it is the right price, no matter how low or high CPU.

If you have any questions regarding the tutorial on creating a VPS on Amazon Lightsail, please ask in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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