Troubled by Misha FF’s META User Enemies? Here’s How To Deal With It!

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Adjustments for some character skills that have been present in recent updates make META Free Fire more flexible and varied. One of the METAs that has been on the rise lately is META Misha.

META Misha relies on vehicles whose speed and damage are increased by Misha’s skills. This META is quite inconvenient, because the movement of enemies with vehicles is very fast which is deadly so it is very difficult to stop. There have been many victims of this META.

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Referring to this, Berita Booyah would like to share several ways to deal with META users Misha’s enemies in Free Fire. Without further ado, check out the full review below!

Apply Triggerred Discipline

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META user Misha’s enemies are easy to spot. Those who go around like a convoy with vehicles usually use Misha’s skills. If there are signs of an enemy with a vehicle, then the thing that Buddy Booyah is obliged to do is apply the Trigerred Discipline.

Trigerred Discipline is a playing technique where Buddy Booyah refrains from shooting even though the enemy’s position is visible and the opportunity to attack is wide open.

If Buddy Booyah shoots at the enemy with a vehicle but does not produce any results, then it will be a Boomerang for Buddy Booyah. Enemies can stalk Buddy Booyah’s position and surround Buddy Booyah’s territory, which makes movement for rotation difficult.

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Find the Nearest Permanent Obstacle

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If you see signs of the presence of a vehicle and Buddy’s position is in the open field, immediately look for a permanent obstacle to take cover. Permanent obstacles don’t always have to be big objects like houses. Trees or stones can also be used.

Because, META Misha allows vehicles to easily destroy 1-2 Gloo Walls, even hitting Buddy Booyah who is behind the Gloo Wall. Securing permanent obstacles and moving agilely to avoid every gap being hit will be more effective.

Try to Stop the Vehicle

When you are in a safe position, Buddy Booyah and teammates can attack enemy vehicles together. Even though Misha’s skill effect makes enemy vehicles difficult to attack, at least give an attack that can temporarily repulse the enemy.

If you want to try a more extreme method, Buddy Booyah can sacrifice himself to spam lots of Gloo Walls or activate the Chrono skill when a car passes. If it is successfully stopped, then the other teammates can immediately hit the enemy who has come down from his vehicle.

Destroy Every Vehicle It Meets

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Free Fire vehicles are widespread and random on the Map. Vehicles can be found by anyone and anywhere. The last way to minimize enemies who want to use Misha’s META is to destroy every vehicle encountered. This way, at least the enemy has difficulty finding vehicles to support Misha’s META.

Those are some tips for dealing with META users Misha’s enemies on Free Fire. Is Buddy Booyah a victim of the META Misha hit-and-run or is he a suspect in this irritating case?

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