Tricks to lend a Facebook or Twitter account without the need for a password

Do users know that cookies found on websites have many meanings, one of which is saving user privacy. Cookies stored on each website are very secure and are also stored in the browsers we use. Usually when browsing a website, users will get a notification such as cookie permission, this is useful so that there is no misunderstanding of the information that will be stored on the website.

Cookies are not single use, but have a time limit if they are not opened within the specified time period. Examples such as opening an Email and the user unchecking the Personal Computer, cookies last only for that session and will be deleted when the user closes the browser. But it’s different again if you check the PC option section, even though closing the browser will still be directed to the Email account without having to login return.

Interestingly, Turns out these cookies can be shared with other people too, but this of course requires the help of a program to do so. So the way it works in sharing these cookies is for example when a user has a Facebook account, while a friend wants to borrow a user’s Facebook account, of course, like it or not, they have to provide username and password, but if with cookies, it is not needed anymore.

The point is that if you share these cookies, users no longer need to share login information from the destination website. And to do this, you can use an additional program for the browser called AccessURL. Is an extension that has the ability to share cookies in a unique way. So browsers must both install the AccessURL extension or addon in order to enjoy it. Here’s how to use it.

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  1. First of all, make sure you have installed the AccessURL addon or extension on both PC browsers. For example, a user’s browser and a friend’s.

    Tricks to lend a website account without giving a username and password

  2. Here I give an example of a user wanting to lend his Twitter account to a friend, so then just go to the Twitter website and log in.

  3. Once logged in, click on the AccessURL icon located on the top right side of the browser. Then a menu will appear. In section Expires In is the time limit for the user to lend his account, here for example the user wants to lend the account for 1 day. So choose on the menu 24 hours.

    Tricks to lend a website account without giving a username and password

  4. Now it’s time to create the link, just press the button Create Access URL and wait until the loading process is complete.

    Tricks to lend a website account without giving a username and password

  5. When finished, a link will appear ready to be shared with friends earlier. And finished, friends must have been able to access the user’s Twitter account without the need to log in again.

    Tricks to lend a website account without giving a username and password

Why should both PCs have the AccessURL extension installed? Because of this AccessURL extension has a feature to take cookies and temporarily place them in the browser. And is this considered safe? As long as the user or friend doesn’t share the link publicly, the account will remain safe. Never share the link with people you know, otherwise they may abuse the user’s account which is potentially harmful. So just lend the account to a friend or person you know well so far.

I also use the AccessURL extension to open the Netflix website and borrow a friend’s account, because I don’t subscribe to Netflix. One thing you shouldn’t do when using AccessURL is pressing the Exit or button logout. Because if you press the button, the link will automatically expired and can not be used again unless you get a new link. Interested to try it, download now on the website

Hopefully useful and good luck

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