Treatment Sniper FF, September Sniper Advance Server That Can Heal Teammates!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

The last time it came in July 2021, Advance Server Free Fire greeted players this month again! Yep, after opening the first registration last month, now Advance Server FF September can be played.

Just like the previous FF Advance Server edition, this September Advance Server FF, Buddy Booyah is presented with various new features. One of the things that is quite unique is the presence of the Treated Sniper FF weapon!

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Curious as to what the FF Sniper Treatment will be on the Free Fire Advance Server this September and how is it different from the various Sniper weapons that already exist in Free Fire? Here, Bertia Booyah will thoroughly peel it off!

Sniper FF Treatment on Advance Server Free Fire September

Treatment Sniper FF is the fourth sniper weapon to appear in Free Fire after AWM, Kar98k, and M82B. This weapon is dominated by a bright white color that has the impression of a future weapon.

The most striking difference from the Treatment Sniper FF weapon in the Free Fire September Advance Server is this gun has no ammo or bullets. Instead, this weapon carries the concept of overheating like a Heatgun weapon.

In addition, as the name suggests T . weaponsSniper FF treatment can also provide additional HP when fired at friends. Of course, this weapon is an option that Buddy Booyah can use later in addition to the Treatment Gun.

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Because it has the same overheating concept as the Heatgun, Treatment Sniper will not be able to be used when overheated which means, unlike most snipers, you can’t Spam too many shots using this weapon.

In your opinion, what do you think about the Treatment Sniper FF weapon on the Free Fire Advance Server this September? Do you think this weapon is capable of shifting other sniper weapons?

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