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There is a Top Up price of 70 Diamond Free Fire (FF) that you should know. Currently, active users of the Free Fire game can reach tens of millions around the world.

This achievement is quite reasonable, because the developers, namely 111 Dots and Garena, continue to provide the latest updates for their players.

Both weapons and characters or even new features in the Free Fire game are also updated.

So it’s not surprising that players play the Free Fire game more often because the developers are quite active in updating the game.

It doesn’t stop there, because the Free Fire game has many different characters and weapons.

So it is certain that there will be many variants of the skins in this Free Fire game, right?

Maybe that’s the key to marketing from the developers themselves.

Not a few new players and players who are already pro are often tempted by the existing skins.

In the midst of a very challenging battleground with different skill abilities, players will try to display the best skills and strategies in the battle arena.

Therefore, players should need diamonds either for free or doing top ops so that the characters they play are more effective.

Top Up 70 Diamond Free Fire (FF)

The price of the Top Up 70 Diamond Free Fire is 10,000 Rupiah provided you buy it at Duniagames, which is currently discounting FF diamonds. This price is special for those of you who buy it now.

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Duniagames itself is one of the most trusted FF diamond top up places that you can use independently by paying via credit or bank

Number of Diamonds

  • 12 price range 2,500 rupiah
  • 70 price range 12,500 rupiah
  • 140 price range 12,500 rupiah
  • 335 price range 62,500 rupiah
  • 720 price range 125,000 rupiah
  • 1450 price range 250.000 rupiah

The Use of Diamonds in the Free Fire Game

As a tool for buying and selling transactions in the Free Fire game, Diamond’s main function is to optimize the appearance and performance of the character.

So that the use of weapons and characters in the battle ground game will be more effective.

For this reason, let’s look at the use of diamonds in this Free Fire game.

1. Buying Characters

One of the diamond functions is to buy characters in the Free Fire game.

This character is an element that is quite important to determine your strategy against the enemy.

There are also free characters, some have to buy, that’s why the Diamonds in the Free Fire game can also be used to buy characters.

2. Strengthen Weapons

In addition to buying characters, Diomond can also be used to strengthen weapons.

Where players can buy skins and increase shooting accuracy that causes great damage to opponents.

Diamond Free Fire Price

If you intend to increase the number of Diamonds in your Free Fire game account by Top Up.

So you have to know first how much it costs in the market today.

For this reason, we will provide information regarding the latest Diamond Free Fire price that you can use as a benchmark to buy it.

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If you are curious, let’s see the following review.

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