Top, Rosugo Esports Defeat Triple Booyah EVOS Immortal on Day 7 FFML Season IV Division 2!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Yesterday, a hot and fierce battle was presented by the twelve teams from POT A and POT B FFML Season IV Division 2. As if they wanted to focus on consistent points, the teams played quite patiently, and mostly maintained their position in a safe and effective place.

EVOS Immortal, managed to attract attention with its gameplay. Rasyah and friends managed to win 3 Booyah in a row last night! The dominance of other teams from POT B also felt the competition to win Booyah.

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Until, 5 Booyah were secured by 3 teams from POT B! Only West Bandits Esports managed to secure Booyah in the heat of the match late game. The following is a list of teams that received Booyah in FFML Season IV Division 2 Day 7 yesterday.

  • Match 1 (Bermuda): West Bandits Esports
  • Match 2 (Kalahari): EVOS Immortal
  • Match 3 (Purgatory): EVOS Immortal
  • Match 4 (Bermuda): EVOS Immortal
  • Match 5 (Kalahari): The Pillars Gladius
  • Match 6 (Purgatory): Rosugo Esports

It turned out that, despite having achieved 3 Booyah in a row, EVOS Immortal had to settle for second place! Defeated by Rosugo Esports with a total of 78 points! Only 2 points adrift, EVOS Immortal apparently lost in the number of kills that made him have to accept himself in second position.

In POT A, West Bandits Esports and Dewa United Esports, who had a poor performance yesterday, are still comfortably sitting in the top 2 positions with a difference of 11 points. Then BOOM Esports, which managed to rise, was finally able to shift NESC Esports to fifth position in the POT A standings.

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Switching to POT B, there is no change of position from the teams. However, the difference between the distance between each is getting smaller. From The Pillars Gladius at the top with Monochrome MORPH below, it’s only 2 points away. Then from EVOS Immortal in third place to Rosugo Esports in fourth place, it’s only 3 points away!

Tomorrow, Buddy Booyah will be presented with a battle from the twelve POT A and C teams! Watch the battle on live streaming FFML Season IV Division 2 in YouTube, Facebook Live, and Booyah Live FF Esports ID!

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