Tips to Avoid Checkpoints on New Facebook Accounts

Tips to Avoid Checkpoints on New Facebook Accounts

Facebook has a system that can detect unusual behavior with an account. This is done for the sake of security in the use of social media, and also to ensure that these users do not violate community standards.

If an account is detected acting strangely, the system will immediately mark the account and redirect it to the section checkpoint. And this checkpoint is the part where the user is asked to verify identity.

Simply put, Facebook still provides an opportunity for users who are considered to have carried out these strange actions to verify so that they can open their accounts again. And most of those affected by checkpoints are new accounts.

Tips to Avoid New Accounts Affected by Facebook Checkpoints

If an account is logged in to a checkpoint, it is like logging in to Limbo, where it is very difficult to restore the account even though the identity verification is complete. For that, this article will show you some tips so that the account you just created doesn’t go directly to the checkpoint.

1. Create Account with Phone Number

Compared to using an email address, registering using a phone number is much more advisable. Not only on Facebook, even on Instagram too. So if you plan to create a new account, please prepare a new number as well.

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2. Don’t Do Many Actions Directly

For example, today you just created an account, and then that account is used to add many friends, join many groups, or even create multiple pages. Of course it’s the same as spam actions by the Facebook system.

Taking action on a new account is fine, but don’t overdo it. Just do it naturally and normally as possible like the first time using Facebook.

3. Avoid Using VPN to Log In to Account

Be aware that Facebook’s security systems are excellent, and all of that is recorded in account activity logs. If you are using a VPN to open the account, the system will automatically note that someone else in a different location is trying to open the account.

And in the end the account goes to the checkpoint for security or avoiding abuse. A different location from the IP you normally use has a huge impact on account security. So make sure you not using VPN when you want to log into the account.

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4. Don’t Add Payment Method

Unlike on Google, where new users are allowed to directly add payment methods for purchases using GPay, while on Facebook, this is tantamount to unusual activity.

How did it happen? Because maybe the system assumes that the account is used to do testing validation of credit card information. Even if the credit card information used is correct, it’s still unusual for an account with an early age.

5. Better to Use Facebook App for a while

Facebook seems to save a fingerprint on the browser that is often used to register an account even though history, cookies, and others have been removed. What the system does not want is registration activity from the robot.

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But try using the Facebook app for phones available on Play Store or Apps Store. Use it in the app to perform various actions until the account is about 1 week old.


New Facebook accounts are especially vulnerable to this temporary block or checkpoint. But by following some of the tips above, it is possible for the account you just created to be safe and not to enter the checkpoint.

On average, new accounts that perform abnormal actions will enter the checkpoint within 2 to 3 days from creation. But if more than 1 week is still safe, it is likely to continue to be safe. And the tips above are also from my own experience in managing several new Facebook accounts for a purpose.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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