Tips for Using Double Sniper Free Fire (FF) from AURA.GunZ!

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Free Fire is one of the battle royale game which is famous all over the world. Gameplay The unique features, short playing time, and friendliness among various smartphone circles are the reasons Free Fire is so popular.

Currently, Free Fire already has a fairly rapid development of esports in Indonesia and has spawned many pro player ready to fight on the big stage. One of them is Mohammad Juliantoro, or with the last name GunZ from the AURA Ignite team, AURA Esports.

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Recently, through the AURA Esports YouTube channel, GunZ shared tips for Free Fire players, especially Buddy Booyah, to use Double Sniper easily on and off! Let’s just take a look at the discussion that Berita Booyah has summarized below!

Character Combination

Source: AURA TV YouTube channel

For character combinations, there are 2 combinations that GunZ recommends. First, there are Kelly, Moco, Maxim, and Chrono. Kelly and Chrono are very mandatory for character combinations, especially double Sniper users.

The advantage of this first combination of characters, there is Maxim, which makes it very easy for Buddy Booyah to use the medkit quickly. On the other hand, the weakness of this combination of characters is the sound of the double Sniper which is noisy and provides information on the position of Buddy Booyah against the enemy.

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So to use this first combination of characters, Buddy Booyah must look for attachments silencer so that the enemy cannot know the position of Buddy Booyah.

Source: AURA TV YouTube channel

Then the second, there are Rafael, Kelly, Moco and Chrono. The advantage of this second combination of characters is that there is Rafael who will automatically remove the shooting marks of Buddy Booyah when using a double sniper, and you don’t need to be tired of searching. attachments silencer.

In addition to using Rafael, the enemy who has Buddy Booyah knock will lose HP more quickly.

Quick Tips to Change Weapons

Source: AURA TV YouTube channel

Continue to make it easier to use double snipers, Buddy Booyah can practice using 3 fingers so that when changing from one sniper weapon to another it can be fast and unnecessary reload.

In addition, Buddy Booyah can also activate the “Normal” feature in the “AWM Sniping” setting in Settings so that Snipers can shoot faster after changing weapons.


Source: AURA TV YouTube channel

For sensitivity, GunZ shifts the sensitivity number of the Sniper Scope to number 20. However, Buddy Booyah can also adjust the sensitivity of Buddy Booyah himself which is comfortable and not fixated on the sensitivity number of GunZ.

For more details and details, Buddy Booyah must watch the following video!

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