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You have to know Tips for Making Sure Friends Are In Danger Not in Free Fire (FF), this is quite important, if you really play squad mode.

Of course by doing things like that, you will be one of the teammates who are very good at knowing everything later.

To maximize the Team to be better when competing, then one part of what is called Cooperation must really happen.

By doing this well, then later there will be no problems that will happen to you as a team as well.

Especially if you have determined the Free Fire Squad Team Role in the game, when you want to show strength to the enemy later.

Role will also help you, especially in knowing the condition of your friends later.

Because for now, you can know Tips for Making Sure Friends In Danger Not in Free Fire (FF) to protect them later.

Tips for Making Sure Friends In Danger Not on Free Fire (FF)

Always Communicate

When you are far away, of course, communication from Voice Chat is indeed an important thing to do first.

Because in conditions like this too, you will get a lot of information about the situation that is happening to your friends there later.

That way you can also ask the situation there is safe or not, if you know the news you will definitely feel calm.

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But if he is in danger, try all the members to come and help.

See Friend’s HP Condition

You should be able to see the cellphones that are usually at the bottom of the minimap, because this will show the condition of their cellphones or their circumstances.

If their HP is full, it means there is no problem and they are still playing as normal.

But if his HP decreases a little or Drastically, it means he is in trouble which the team members will know immediately.

But if for example his HP has run out and there is a skull next to the name, it means he is dead.

See Icon Above A Friend’s Head

When you play Squad, there will definitely be a Bullet-shaped Icon and their color will change completely.

Of course it will indicate their position in this match, if there is another attack contact then the icon will be red.

But if there’s really no problem at all, then you can see that it’s just the color of an ordinary bullet.

Even for friends too, later he can see your situation in things like this huh.

Shot Sound From Minimap

When you’re separated at a close distance like Peak, you definitely won’t take loot items in the same house, right.

So you have to separate, in order to get each loot and of course strong to use in the match later.

But for problems like this, we also have to always look at the minimap and if there is an enemy in the direction of a friend, it means he is in trouble.

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Make sure to be able to help the friend, so that later there will be no problems that will be faced if it is like this and can gather again.

Radio Command

This feature that will give us a message is indeed important, it will allow you to know what kind of position your friend is in.

Well if they send a message asking for help, it means there is a problem or the enemy is chasing them.

That way direct a team to drive, approaching the position of a friend who is being chased by many enemies.

After knowing the Tips for Making Sure Friends Are Not in Danger on Free Fire (FF), then you can take advantage of this situation to win.

Not only that, if you are in a position like this, there are also several other things that will easily happen if the squad members are sensitive.

Not only that, you also have to know Tips to Become a Free Fire Pro Player, so that later you don’t have difficulty in competing.

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