Tips for Keeping Your Website Durable On Search Engines

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On every search engine site, there are millions of websites that have been displayed and ranked. Every website that is displayed in the top ten must be a website that has been visited by many and not only visitors are counted, but there are many factors that make a website in the top ten in search engines such as Backlinks, PageRank, and so forth. Every website owner who already has regular visitors and continues to grow, certainly doesn’t want his site to have drastic visitors due to his site not appearing in search engines anymore. In this article I will share a little tips to keep your website in search engines without any disturbance.

Websites that have a long term in search engines, are websites that share information and don’t make it look like SPAM (junk). There are so many websites that use strange titles but the content is not content but leads to a search for that site, and this kind of thing can be called SPAM if the pages indexed in search engines continue to grow every day.

There are also websites that use a similar type of capture terms” from search engines and displayed on the site. Mostly done on WordPress-based sites. Actually it doesn’t matter as long as the search terms that are displayed are not as numerous as 100 search terms. This can be called SPAM by search engines and cause the website to no longer be displayed.

Currently, the most popular search engines are Google, already has 3 analysis tools that can minimize content SPAM, each of the three tools is updated at different times. The three tools are: Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Many website owners hesitate when one of the three tools is updated the algorithm, because the impact is very large if the website is included as SPAM. Of course it has an impact on the SERP.

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There is also one named Google Sandbox. I still don’t know about this, but many of my friends say that this one likes to penalize sites that like to violate. similar website providing movies without consent, sharing illegal content*l, and others.
For that, before your website is no longer indexed, it would be better to know a few tips below to make the website much better on Search Engines. ️

  1. Post Articles – Use minimum 2000 words for each article and make sure the articles you have are not the same as articles on other websites. Maximum number of posts for each day I recommend 10 articles only.
  2. Search Terms – If you use some kind of plugin to capture keywords that come in from search engines, if you want these keywords to be displayed, you should only display them in articles, meaning that you don’t create a sidebar, and just display 5 keywords only. And in the five keywords, don’t make a link to the article, what else to the search page. Just create it as plain text.
  3. Backlinks – Look for backlinks manually like blogwalking on a friend’s blog. We recommend that you do not use sites or software to increase backlinks quickly, because if the backlinks increase by 1000 more for one day, it can be estimated as spam.
  4. Duplicate Content – Make sure the website you manage does not have duplicate content. It’s not like the same article, but a lot of text that has been duplicated on many pages. Examples such as on page tags and search, sometimes there are websites that display the title and some of the contents of the article listed on the tags and search pages. It is recommended that this page be removed. It’s better to use meta noindex, follow, so even if the page doesn’t appear, the existing links will still be alive.
  5. Website Servers – Use a server that allows it to be down frequently, because search engine bots will not be able to crawl the page when the site is down. Sometimes you will get a warning from the webmaster. The more warnings you get, the lower the health on the site and the effect it will have on the SERP.
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Above are some tips so that your website is still found in search engines and without any influence on the SERP. Only with a few ways above, you can definitely maximize the website to prevent getting a ticket from the three Google tools. What I prioritize to do is do not index search pages or tags, because if there are too many it can be called spam. So just index the section home, categories and content only it’s better.
If you have any questions, please comment. ️

Hopefully useful and good luck

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