Tips for Cutting Minion Offlane in the style of EVOS Antimage. Auto Superior Early Game!

Evos Antimage is one, if not the strongest offlaner from Indonesia. He is an offlane hero with high macro and micro skills, aggressive in terms of cutting minions and roaming, and almost never loses in the laning phase against other offlaners in front of him.

So it is difficult for the opposing team to counter Antimage by banning Antimage’s hero. He has a very wide hero pool, he can use Chou, Thamuz, Uranus, Benedetta, Yu Zhong, Alice, Paquito, X-Borg and other meta offlane heroes.

In this article, the author will describe the cutting minion (new model) tips that Evos Antimage did in the MPL ID Season 8 match against Geek Fam ID. Those of you who play in offlane should try this Antimage-style cutting minion movement, especially when playing with a full party.

Tips for Playing Offline from Antimage

Watch the video below, an explanation from the MDL Victim On My Way team. Where he explained in detail how the rotation of the Evos team.

Benefits of Antiimage-style Rotation

  1. Antimage gets gold & exp wave minion, while preventing his opponent from getting a minion (minion dies by the turret) because he is busy blocking Antimage
  2. Midlaner support helps offlane block Antimage, so he will also lose valuable gold & exp wave minions in midlane
  3. Jungler didn’t dare to take the buff because the tank was filling up with blood, the offlaner & midlaner were busy killing Antimage
  4. Jungler and tank evos freely take the buff belonging to the Geek Fam team
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In conclusion:

Evos team advantage: Get Level, Gold, and Buff for Jungler, Midlaner and Offlaner

Geek team loss: Loss of Level, Gold and Buff for Jungler, Midlaner and Offlaner

How to Execute the Antimage Strategy

  1. Tanks and midlaners immediately repay the opponent’s tank who tries to interfere with your jungler buff taking

    Install the Opponent Tank

  2. The tank was forced to recall and return home to refill blood
  3. At the same time offlaner immediately cut the wave between turret 2 and turret 3 (base)
  4. The opponent’s tank and offlaner will immediately react and try to kill your offlaner. As an offlane your task is to spend the minion waves while wasting as much time as possible. If you have to die, it’s okay

    Cutting Minion, Waste of Opponent’s Time

  5. Junglers and tanks immediately move towards the buff in the opposite direction to the offlaner, so it will be far for the opponent’s offlaner and the tank to roam again towards the buff
  6. Steal enemy buffs and rotate like normal again

    Steal the Enemy Buff

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Offlane Hero Suitable for Antimage Strategy Execution

Do not have to Thamuz, the important hero can cut and clear minions quickly and must be hard so that it is difficult to kill opponents

  1. Uranus – Has a large shield that if it breaks the damage will hurt. Have skill 1 that can be spammed to minions, the more you get it, the more it hurts. Can use skill 2 to escape.
  2. Esmeralda – Have a large shield when approaching enemy heroes and minons. Has 2 large damage area skills in the early game. Can use skill 1 to escape.
  3. Paquito – Has a large shield from skill 1 and very painful damage with skill 2. Can use skill 2 to escape.
  4. Khaleed – Has a very spicy 1 slash skill to the opponent’s minion and offlane. When you want to die, just use skill 2 to heal.
  5. Chou – Has skill 1 which can be used repeatedly to kill the opponent’s minions and offlane heroes. Can use skill 2 and flicker to escape from bad situations when cutting.
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Here are Evos Antimage-style cutting minion tips that will make your team excel rapidly in the early game. This tactic is not too difficult to execute, you just need to communicate well with your team so that all moves are in sync according to plan.

Hopefully with these tips you can get a win streak, especially when this minion cutting tactic has not been widely used by opponents. You can make your opponent shocked and mentally hit!

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