Tips for Buying New Batteries for Android Phones

Without the battery, the phone will not be able to turn on. But the battery can also die at any time or mean that it loses its capacity so that it is not as strong as it used to be. It is a habit and happens about every 2 or 3 years.

Normally, the battery for Android phones today has a fairly high capacity, equivalent to above 2000Mhz and some are 3 times that which can make the phone battery last longer. Especially if the phone has features fast charging, of course very suitable to have a high battery capacity.

What’s confusing is if the battery is starting to not improve and it’s time to replace it. Some people will definitely think about which battery to buy if it is good to use. Is the battery original, or from another brand?

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Know the Reasons You Want to Buy a New Battery

One reason is sufficient to explain what makes users want to switch batteries. Because previously the user also had to think ahead if the phone feels the power runs out quickly. Is it from the battery, or maybe from the phone system.

Well, if the problem comes from the battery such as bloating, then it definitely has to be replaced with a new one. But if the problem comes from the system, this is what makes people confused about what else to do.

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Of course, if the error of this system can be caused because the phone system wants re-calibrate. And I highly recommend users do this first.

Tips for Buying a New Battery for Android Phones

As I said above that there are 2 types that users will face today. Namely want to buy in the original version or from another brand. But try reading the tips that I have summarized below, just see below.

  • Make sure the battery is genuine – This tip is perfect for users who want to buy the original version. Because sometimes there are bad guys who do a kind of cloning by giving the exact same brand.

    And the advice I can give is to ask the seller first about the authenticity of the item. It would be even better if the user bought it from the nearest dealer according to the brand of the cellphone.

  • Choosing a Trusted Quality Brand – Buying non-original products may be something that is visible forced. Whether it’s because there is no original battery at the counter visited or the cellphone dealer is too far from the location.

    So if you choose another brand of battery, you should be picky first. Not that you have to choose an expensive one, but choose according to the quality and popularity of the brand. Simply put, for now, the most popular are brands MCOM.

  • Be careful with cheap batteries – Actually this can be avoided by reading the second method above. But to convince users that the average Android battery costs above 50 thousand rupiah.

    For example, if someone sells it for only 10 thousand rupiah, you should refrain from buying the battery. Unless it’s a genuine promo.

  • About Double Power – Sometimes a brand of battery provides a double power feature which means the battery capacity is doubled. This is usually true and again refers to the brand.

    Without a clear brand, it could be a scam. Yes, it’s like a power bank that sometimes gives fake capacity and that’s very annoying.

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As good as other brand batteries, the original brand is still good. Because the original version must have been matched with the system so that everything becomes stable.

How to Charge the New Android Battery

The question ofcharge or simply charging doesn’t really need a method. Because everyone will understand that doing this only requires plugging the charging cable into the cellphone.

But what makes people wonder is what a good way to charge a new cellphone battery so that it is stable to use. Here are the tips.

  • Turn off the phone.

  • Install a new battery.

  • Wait until the process charging complete to 100%.

  • Remove the charger and turn on the phone.

Someone must be thinking,Well, how come that’s all, don’t you have to charge it longer because it’s new?“. And the answer is no need, because it will only make the system overcharging so the negative effect goes to the battery.

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Why does the HP battery run out quickly even though it’s still new?

At the same time ending this article, I want to share the unique thing that causes this problem to occur. So usually the problem is because the system on the cellphone has an error. One solution that can be tried is to flash the phone.

Because it’s not just a symptom calibration only that sometimes makes this happen but also the existing malfunctions in the phone ROM. And if the problem is too severe, there is nothing else but to take it to a repairman.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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