This Series of Weapons Get Buffs in the August 2021 FF Update!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

It doesn’t feel like soon we will welcome patches new. Of course in patches which will soon bring a variety of interesting changes. Previously, several new things had been introduced on the Free Fire Advance Server July 2021.

In the Free Fire Advance Server July 2021 yesterday, many new items and things were presented. Players who have access to play Advance Server Free Fire July 2021, of course, are very familiar with what new things will come in the future.

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Not only new items and features are presented, it seems a balance or so-called buff and nerf don’t forget to use weapons updates FF next August 2021. Then, what weapons are hit buff and nerf this time? Let’s see the following Booyah News review.

Mini UZI

Mini UZI seems to be a weapon that gets a lot of buffs in the FF update this August. Here are the details of the buffs obtained by the Mini UZI weapon:

  • Minimum Damage: +8% (Buff)
  • Magazines: +2% (Buff)
  • Effective Range: +10% (Buff)


For Buddy Booyah who likes to use XM8 weapons, this seems to be good news for you because XM8 weapons get two buffs of them:

  • Rate of Fire: +10%
  • Recoil: +5%


SPAS12, you could say, is a shotgun that is less popular for Free Fire players. This is what seems to make SPAS12 get a buff, one of which is the addition of slots:

  • Added Muzzle and Scope Attachment Slot
  • Range: +5%
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Finally, there is the Vector weapon which is of course good news for Buddy Booyah who plays as a rusher.

  • Range: +5%
  • Movement Speed: +10%

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