This Region in Bermuda Remastered FF Has a Confusing Place! Agree?

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Bermuda Remastered is the result of a rework of the Bermuda Free Fire Map. This map harmonizes significant changes to modernization, which can be seen from the various concreteizations in various buildings and make them more attractive.

In addition to modernization, Bermuda Remastered also presents several new obstacles, new compositions, and new territories. Even though it’s full of changes, some areas on this map have the place is complicated and confusing because of the high level of density and density between obstacles.

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Buddy Booyah curious about which locations on the Bermuda Remastered Map with complicated and confusing places? Find the answer by listening to the following review from Berita Booyah!

Aden’s Creek

Source: beritabooyahid

Adens Creek is a coastal area in the southeastern part of Map Bermuda Remastered, which used to be the area of ​​Rim Nam Village. This area presents the concept of a seaside village with many new obstscales.

The Adens Creek area has many new buildings. The whole building has multiple entrances. The position of the buildings in this area is also close to each other, and the open area is also filled with small obstacles such as wooden barrels, boxes, fences, which makes movement in this area quite complicated.

The Circuit

Source: beritabooyahid

As the name suggests, The Circuit area presents a racing arena complete with all the supporting instruments in it. Introduced on Advance Server FF May-June 2021, The Circuit is here to replace Cape Town. Its presence also coincides with the Free Fire X McLaren collaboration.

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The Circuit consists of a racing arena, several buildings such as warehouses and buildings, as well as spectator stands. The area is not too big, plus the position of the building adjacent to the many open access, makes this area quite difficult, especially if you have to meet the enemy.

The many gaps in this area make enemy attacks can come from anywhere and unexpectedly. So it requires high vigilance when in the area of ​​The Circuit

Samurai’s Garden

Source: beritabooyahid

Finally, there is the Samurai’s Garden area. Occupying an island that was once the territory of Sentosa, Samurai’s Garden carries the concept of a typical area of ​​Japanese culture from the medieval period. It’s interesting to see unique Japanese buildings present on the Free Fire Map.

However, this area has a rather complicated place. Some obstacles are solid and closed buildings, but inside there are many small obstacles that make it more complicated. Not only that, the unusual shape of the building presents many gaps and blind spots.

Almost the same as Adens Creek, Samurai’s Garden also has many small obstacles outside the building. This adds to the complexity of the area, and makes limited vision and movement anxious.

Those are the 3 regions on the Bermuda Remastered Map with confusing locations. With an understanding of the location, of course Buddy Booyah can control the three areas. Does Buddy Booyah have areas on other maps that have complicated locations?

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