This Mistake FF Players Often Make When Using META Grenades!

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Since being introduced on the FFWS 2021 Singapore stage, META Grenades have quickly made their way into the list of favorite META in Free Fire today. Being able to finish off the enemy quickly is a strong reason why this META is increasingly popular.

But in fact, implementing META Grenades is not an easy matter. Often there are fatal mistakes when trying to take advantage of the power of META which actually boomerangs and gives losses to its users.

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This time, Berita Booyah managed to summarize some of the mistakes that occur when using META Grenades on Free Fire. Just take a look at the following review and use it as a lesson material!

Not Protecting the Grenader

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Usually, there is only one player who uses Alvaro’s skill and Beaston’s skill to apply Grenade META. These players are referred to as “Grenaders”. When involved in combat, this player will be in a certain section and refrain from bombarding the enemy with Grenades

Unfortunately, often other teammates do not provide assistance in the form of protection to the Grenader. This is a fatal error. While doing their job, try to keep an eye on and protect the Grenader to avoid unexpected attacks.

Grenader is very vulnerable to kidnapping. Because they have to be in a silent position, taking into account the position, the distance of the throw, and the explosion of the grenade. It is possible that the enemy is in a close position and immediately attacks, or turns to throw Grenades.

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Lack of Information Sharing

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To obtain maximum results, the application of META Grenades requires accurate enemy position information to be used as a reference for throwing Grenades. The lack of information makes most players will make random throws that do not produce results.

Before you want to take advantage of META Grenades, check the presence and condition of the enemy. If it is deemed accurate, share the information with other teammates, especially for Grenader. Thus, the Grenade throw will be in the right direction and not in vain.


Source: beritabooyahid

Becoming a Grenader who is the main actor in the application of Grenade META requires good grenade range calculations, proper grenade cooking time, and flexible positioning. This is quite a difficult task

Often a Grenader messes up the team’s set up because Knovk is hit by his own grenade due to a miscalculation using a Grenade. Not only that, hesitancy and confusion also randomly haunt the Grenader and make Grenade throws ineffective.

To anticipate this, Buddy Booyah can train continuously in the Grenade Range Training Ground FF. After feeling confident, you can slowly apply it in Clash Squad Mode to Battle Royale.

So, those are some of the most common mistakes when using META Grenades on Free Fire. Among the three, which one do Buddy Booyah do the most when using META Grenades?

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