This May Be The Cause You Are Often Too Soon When Playing Free Fire (FF)!

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Too Soon is a term that describes a moment where a player or team is the first to be eliminated at the beginning of the game. This is a very painful moment, because the playing time is very short and the results are also very bad.

There are many things that cause Too Soon. Some of them may be because “bad luck”“. However, it is certain that the biggest cause lies in the mistakes players make themselves while in the game.

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In the following, Booyah News wants to show some things that might be the main cause of Too Soon when playing Free Fire. Let’s see the full review below and use it as an evaluation material!

Drop Zone Selection and Rotation Error

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Not being careful in choosing the drop zone is a strong reason why players often get too soon. The lack of careful strategic preparation regarding the selection of a safe and comfortable early game loot location for their own team, makes players like to drop in random places with unexpected safety possibilities.

Not only that, the selection of the rotation path also requires special attention. Rotation is not only about moving positions from one place to another, but how to move safely and prioritize the main objectives when playing.

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Not only about the route, considerations about the safe zone distance, crucial areas that must be passed, rotation media and timing for rotation also need to be considered. Thus, the percentage of Survive to Middle and even Late Game will increase.

Not Ready to Face the Enemy

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Even if the Drop Zone and rotation path have been determined, the lack of anticipatory attitude towards unexpected events such as having to share the same drop zone with the enemy or the rotation path intersect, then Buddy Booyah must be prepared with the worst risk, which is too soon.

Not ready to face the enemy makes concentration dispersed, and the game becomes messy. This is a strong reason why players are often too soon and cannot survive until the Late Game. Therefore, a calm and responsive attitude in any situation is needed.


Source: beritabooyahid

Miscommunication that occurs within a team or between players usually leads to uncoordinated playing performance, and causes too soon. When playing with friends, of course the gameplay presented will be colored with differences of opinion that are difficult to put together.

Selfishness and prestige between players make the game unstructured. Sometimes, players often play alone and are less responsive to the situation of their teammates. To overcome this, there was a Shotcaller figure, who was in charge of being the head and harmonizing communication within the team so that they played more cohesively.

Well, those are some things that can cause Too Soon when playing Free Fire (FF) games. After reading the reviews above, immediately evaluate the errors and don’t be bored to keep practicing!

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