This is the Reason Why Evo Gun XM8 Destiny Guardian FF is Interesting to Have!

Hi Buddy Booyah

Come Evo Gun XM8 – Destiny Guardian many players have been waiting for. XM8 – Destiny Guardian is Free Fire’s sixth Evo Gun that has come to Free Fire.

The presence of an Evo Gun like XM8 – Destiny Guardian is of course much awaited by players. How not, the Evo Gun itself has various advantages that ordinary Gun Skins do not have.

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Well, for Buddy Booyah who is still unsure whether to buy the Evo Gun XM8 – Destiny Guardian or not, here are some reasons why you must have the latest Evo Gun on Free Fire!

Good Stats

XM8 – Destiny Guardian has a stat increase that cannot be underestimated. Indeed, usually Evo Gun is no exception XM8 – Destiny Guardian FF has good stats addition. Evo Gun XM8 – Destiny Guardian have statistical improvements in the form of:

  • Damage(++)
  • Rate of Fire(+)
  • Reload Speed(-)

Collecting the Evo Gun Series

Of course, XM8 – Destiny Guardian able to add and improve the Evo Gun collection in Free Fire such as UMP – Booyah Day, AK – Blue Flame Draco, SCAR – Megalodon Alpha, MP40 – Venomous Fang, and M1014 Green Flame Draco.

One of the Best XM8 Skins

After we know the stats of Evo Gun XM8 – Destiny Guardian From this, we can see that this weapon skin is classified as the best XM8 weapon skin, because of the almost perfect addition of Damage and Rate of Fire.

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Well, that’s a series of reasons why Buddy Booyah should have this one Evo Gun, Do any of Buddy Booyah still don’t want to have this Evo Gun?

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