This is the price you have to pay if you want XM8 Destiny Guardian FF at the maximum level!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Today, Free Fire has the newest Evo Gun. XM8 Destiny Guardian FF has arrived at Free Fire and is the sixth Evo Gun to come to Free Fire since the first Evo Gun appeared last year.

XM8 Destiny Guardian FF itself can be obtained through the Luck Royale Faded Wheel event. Like other Evo Guns, Buddy Booyah can get various advantages that cannot be obtained on Gun Skins.

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But the question is, what is the price or Diamond that Buddy Booyah has to spend to be able to get XM8 Destiny Guardian FF at the maximum level? Here’s the answer!

What is the Maximum Level Price for XM8 Destiny Guardian FF?

Raising the theme of lightning and future weapons, the XM8 Destiny Guardian FF that Buddy Booyah got at Luck Royale Faded Wheel is an Evo Gun level 1. And to get to the highest level, Buddy Booyah must do upgrade.

Like other Evo Guns, Buddy Booyah needs Tokens toupgrade up to the highest level. Evo Token – Destiny Lightning itself has a price of 10 Diamonds for each Diamond.

To get to the maximum level, Buddy Booyah needs around 1450 Evo Token – Destiny Lightning. This means, Buddy Booyah needs 14500 Diamonds to be able to get XM8 Destiny Guardian FF at the maximum level.

14500 Diamond to get 1450 Evo Token – Destiny Lightning has a price of around 2 million rupiah. Even so, Buddy Booyah could justupgrade XM8 Destiny Guardian FF at a cheaper price by buying the Evo Token Box – Destiny Guardian XM8 Token Box.

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How about it, does Buddy Booyah already have the Evo Gun Free Fire XM8 Destiny Guardian FF at the maximum level?

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