This is the Leaked Skin Mobile Legends Season 19 (S19)

In less than a month, Mobile Legends season 19 (S19) will soon change seasons. The question is, what skin do you get from this S19? Here is the leak.

Some rumors circulating on the internet say that later this skin for Mobile Legends S19 is a tank hero.

Given the leaked skin of the previous ML season, it was guessed correctly. What is clear for the current rumors can not be ascertained the truth.

Then, what tank hero is meant? Who is he? Let’s just look at the explanation below.

Skin Mobile Legends Season 19 (S19)

leaked skin ml s19
Photo: Instagram – @abyssal_mlbb

The ML skin that will come after season 19 ends is Akai. Yes, this tank hero is rumored to be getting a new skin from S19.

Meanwhile, the appearance of the skin is still unknown in detail and will usually be leaked two or three weeks before the season reset.

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Currently only Akai’s head icon is visible, while for the body it is still unknown what the skin will look like.

The Akai S19 skin is planned to be released after the change of season, more precisely on March 20, 2021. Each player will get it with a minimum master rank requirement.

Skin First Purchase S20

One thing that is interesting about the reset season is that there will be a first purchase event for skins in the new season. And the first purchase this time was Franco’s skin.

Quoted from the abyssal_mlbb Instagram account, Franco Bone Crusher’s skin can be obtained by way of a 50 diamond top up. In addition, any top up amount will get a permanent Avatar Border for free.

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