This is the Free Way to Get Star Protection From Mobile Legends!

This is the Free Way to Get Star Protection From Mobile Legends!

It doesn’t feel like a change of season will happen soon and all ranks that have been achieved will be reset again.

Of course, players are still vying to get the best rank, which is to reach Mythic or Mythical Glory.

Unfortunately, there are still some players who play very carefully so that the rank they have won does not decrease before the change of season.

However, to overcome this, Mobile Legends outsmarted it with star protection so you don’t need to be afraid to lose your stars or points.

So here’s a free way to get Star Protection from Mobile Legends.

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Just Forming a Team

Photo via Abyssal MLBB

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Star protection is usually obtained through victory points which at the end of the match will be accumulated and then converted into star protection.

In addition, you can also get it through Starlight Members at level 40 to secure a star protection card.

Interestingly, this time you only need to log in to get star protection for free by just forming a team and playing ranked mode on October 2 to October 4, 2021.

Trusted Leaker Leaked

This was first informed by the @abyssal_mlbb account which stated that the event would be coming soon in Mobile Legends.

Unfortunately, the account itself has not provided a specific leak regarding the minimum number of players in forming a team to the star protection quota that will be obtained.

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But spinners don’t need to worry, of course, complete information will be informed by Mobile Legends before the event is released so you now only need to record the date of the event.

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