This is the Best Moment to Use Smoke Grenades in Free Fire (FF)!

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As the name suggests, Smoke Grenades are part of the Grenades Free Fire item that can emit thick puffs of smoke. Introduced on Advance Server FF April 2021, initially Smoke Grenade was only available in Clash Squad mode.

As the Free Fire Game develops, Smoke Grenades can now be found in Free Fire’s Battle Royale mode. However, this item can only be obtained from AirDrop only. However, the presence of Smoke Grenade adds to the list of distraction items in the Free Fire Game.

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Whether in Clash Squad or Battle Royale mode, the number of Smoke Grenades is very limited. For this reason, the use of Smoke Grenades requires the right moment to have maximum impact.

For that, Berita Booyah wants to show you some of the best moments to use Smoke Grenade on Free Fire. For the full review, Buddy Booyah, see below!

Before Revive Knock Friend

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One of the advantages of using a Smoke Grenade is that the smoke released can eliminate auto-aim. This makes players who are in the smoke of the Smoke Grenade cannot be fired upon by the enemy.

Therefore, Smoke Grenades can be used to protect knocked friends. By throwing a Smoke Grenade at a knocking friend, the enemy will not immediately be able to do it end. Other teammates can also revive safely.

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When Stuck in a Third Party

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The thick gray smoke from the Smoke Grenade item can block the enemy’s view. This makes Smoke Grenade able to help Buddy Booyah to move to secure themselves when attacked by enemies from various directions or trapped third party.

Buddy Booyah can throw Smoke Grenades around where you are defending, then take advantage of the gap blind spot enemies to find obstacles and safe compounds to avoid enemy attacks. At least you can do medication and reset for a moment.

Armpits Willing to Split Position

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As a distraction item, it is clear that the Smoke Grenade can distract and even distort the enemy’s vision. Therefore, using the Smoke Grenade right before rotating and split position to a certain position will facilitate your movement.

Making it easier doesn’t mean Smoke Grenade provides a smooth path for Buddy Booyah to change places. However, the Smoke Grenade can disguise Buddy’s position, so that the enemy’s movements cannot be detected. This situation at any time can be a turn back point attack that surprises the enemy.

those are some of the best moments to use Smoke Grenade in Free Fire (FF)! Is Buddy Booyah the type of player who uses this item very often when playing Free Fire?

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