This is the Advantage of Having Double Vector Users in Your Mabar FF Team!

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Being the first weapon with dual mode capabilities, Akimbo Vector has entered the ranks of the deadliest melee weapons in Free Fire since its presence. Receiving several nerfs did not reduce the fans of this weapon.

Identical to Close Combat, the dominance of using Vector is certainly held by the Rushers. However, it is not uncommon for several rushers in Free Fire teams to not use Akimbo Vector for various reasons.

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In fact, there are several advantages if your new Free Fire team must have a Double Vector user. What are the benefits mentioned? Just take a look at the full review below!

Additional Attack Strength

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As an SMG weapon, the Vector is designed as a melee weapon. With its Akimbo ability, of course this weapon has twice the power which gives more power for close combat.

Thus, the existence of Akimbo Vector users provides a large additional strength for Buddy Booyah’s team when initiating direct attacks. This is an effective way to finish off the enemy quickly.

Strengthen Team Defense

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In addition to providing strength to the attack line, Akimbo Vector’s strength can help to strengthen the defense. If Buddy Booyah’s team plays defensively and is attacked by enemies many times, then the presence of Akimbo Vector can become a threat. turnback point attack.

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When attacked by enemies User Akimbo Vector can destroy Shield The enemy’s Chrono, thwarted Wukong’s skill, even did knock and end quickly and kidnap the enemies one by one.

At that moment, the attacking enemy will be in disarray and provide space to turn things around. In addition, Akimbo Vector’s ability is often a savior because it is very effective for doing Clutch Play with the enemy.

Easier and Clearer Division of Tasks

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Double Vector users must give up slots for their ranged weapons. That’s why Double Vector users can’t do much in long range combat. But actually, this is an advantage for the team.

The division of roles and the tasks that must be done while in the game will be clearer. User Akimbo Vector will focus on moving closer to the opponent and finishing off the enemy quickly. While other players can provide maximum support and backup fire.

Well, those are some of the advantages if your team has an Akimbo Vector user. From now on, try changing your weapon of choice to Akimbo Vector for a more powerful gameplay than before!

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