This FF Character Has Skills That Support the Free Fire (FF) Sniper Game!

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Undeniably, the Sniper weapon’s power lies in Damage and Accuracy high as well Range which very far provides great benefits for its users. Currently, more and more players are found with Double Sniper as the main weapon.

Seeing its development, the use of Sniper has advantages that are not obtained from other weapons. However, several supporting factors are still needed to maximize the use of Sniper, one of which is by selecting the appropriate character skills.

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Talking about character skills, it turns out that Free Fire has several characters whose skills can increase the strength of Sniper weapons. Curious what character is meant? Let’s see the full list through the following review!

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Maro is a Free Fire MENA collaboration character with Mohammed Ramadhan. By profession as a hunter, Maro has a skill called Falcon Fervor. At max level, Maro gives increased Damage with distance up to 25% and increased Damage to marked enemies up to 3.5%.

Maro’s skill deals increased damage depending on the distance between the player and the enemy. The further the distance, the damage increases by 25%. That means, the use of Maro’s skills is effective for sniper weapons that are dominant in playing at long distances.

Thus, Sniper can deal high damage only depending on the position and distance of the attack. Not to mention the additional damage if the attacked enemy is marked, the sniper is much more deadly.

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The revamp skill that Rafael received in the April FF Patch Update yesterday made him more overpowered. Skills Dead Silent hers can Dumps the shooting effects of Marksman Rifle and Sniper. Not only that, there are effectsHP draining oak up to 45% on enemies that Rafael manages to take down.

This skill is clearly very helpful for a sniper’s game. Players don’t bother looking for a pair of Silencers to drown out the gunshots, because Rafael will. Not to mention when the enemy is knocked down, the huge HP draining effect certainly narrows the enemy’s chances of being saved.


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Dasha is the character that has the most skill effects in Free Fire. Skills Partying On hers is able Reduces fall damage by 50%, reduces fall recovery time by 80%, reduces recoil and maximum recoil rate by 10%. This row of skills can also improve the quality of sniper games.

Damage reduction and fall recovery time provide a comfortable range of motion for a sniper who wants to play flexibly by attacking from high places. On the other hand, the reduction of Rate Recoil makes it easier for players to aim for snipers, so that shots are more accurate.

Those are Free Fire characters with skills that can improve sniper user performance in Free Fire (FF)! Buddy Booyah can try one skill or improvise by combining the skills of the three characters when you want to use a sniper!

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