These Few Tips Help You Determine Your Role in Free Fire (FF)!

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Almost all players are familiar with the term Role in playing the Free Fire Game. The term refers to the division of roles and tasks of players in team composition, so that the gameplay provided is not messy and runs effectively.

Usually, the players who form a team with friends and determine their respective roles. However, determining the role is not easy. Finding a role that fits the needs of the team must also be adjusted to your own style of play.

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For Buddy Booyah who has difficulty determining the Role, Berita Booyah has several ways that you can try to help determine the appropriate Role. Curious about the methods? Check out the list below

First Understand the Duties of Each Role

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Before determining a role for yourself, Buddy Booyah must first understand each role in Free Fire. Knowledge of the roles in Free Fire makes it easier for Buddy Booyah to play one of them.

After that, Buddy Booyah can adjust the gameplay, playing habits, Micro or Macro Skills with the most realistic roles. Thus, Buddy Booyah can play a role in the right corridor.

Take advantage of FF’s Battle Style Features

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Free Fire has a feature called Battle Style. Located in the Profile section, this feature presents Tags that contain information about the fighting style and tendency of the gameplay patterns played by the players.

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Well, Buddy Booyah can take advantage of this feature to determine the appropriate Role. Buddy Booyah only needs to pay attention to the dominance of the Tag Battle Style obtained after playing, and match it with the Gameplay in a certain Role.

For more details, Buddy Booyah can see the following article.

Practice Combination Gameplay with Friends

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This one method can be applied by Buddy Booyah together with teammates. Buddy Booyah can try out all the Roles and adapt them to Buddy Booyah’s Macro or Micro skills, and how much continuity of Gameplay with teammates.

If one of the roles is deemed unsuitable or your friend Booyah is less effective in playing it, you can try another role. Attractive communication with teammates is also needed, in order to run smoothly and avoid miscommunication.

Well, those are some tips from Berita Booyah to help you determine the role of playing Free Fire. Has Buddy Booyah got a role that matches your gameplay? Try mentioning your role in the comments column, OK!

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