These are the 3 Best M1887 Gun Skins in FF! There’s the M1887 Rapper Underworld!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

The M1887 or what players often call the shotgun 2 is a pretty interesting weapon. Even though the day contains two bullets, this weapon is quite popular because of the amount of damage that can be generated in an instant.

In addition, in Free Fire itself there are various kinds of Gun Skins that have been present to decorate the M1887 weapon with various additions or reductions to the statistics offered.

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From a series of M1897 Gun Skins that have been present on Free Fire, the following Booyah News will try to summarize the 3 best M1887 Gun Skins in the Booyah News version of FF!

M1887 – Hand of Hope

  • Reload Speed(++)
  • Damage(+)
  • Movement Speed(–)

M1887 – Hand of Hope is a pretty interesting Gun Skin, even more so with the addition of two levels for Reload Speed, it will make Buddy Booyah easier to do a lot of damage.

In addition, the reduction in Movement Speed ​​also doesn’t seem to have much effect considering the M1887 is only used at close range and is rarely carried while running.

M1887 – One Punch Man

  • Reload Speed(++)
  • Damage(+)
  • Recoil(-)

As the name implies, M1887 One Punch Man is present in the Free Fire x One Punch Man collaboration event. When compared in terms of statistical changes, M1887 – Hand of Hope is almost no different from M1887 – Hand of Hope.

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The difference is only seen in the reduction in stats which in M1887 – Hand of Hope Recoil is reduced. Actually it doesn’t really matter because the M1887 only has 2 bullets so the Recoil is easier to control.

M1887 – Underworld Rapper

  • Rate of Fire(++)
  • Reload Speed(+)
  • Accuracy(-)

The last Gun Skin is M1887 – Rapper Underworld. You could say this Gun Skin is the best for the M1887 weapon due to the additional two Rate of Fire obtained, so that players will deal faster damage in an instant.

In addition, the addition of one level for Reload Speed ​​further supports the M1887 – Underworld Rapper weapon. It’s not wrong if this Gun Skin is a favorite of Free Fire players.

If Buddy Booyah himself often uses the M1887 weapon. which is your favorite Gun Skin for the M1887 weapon in Free Fire (FF)?

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