These are 5 Powerful Tips to Increase KDA in Free Fire (FF) Season 22!

These are 5 Powerful Tips to Increase KDA in Free Fire (FF) Season 22!

KDA or Kill, Death and Assist can be said to be one of the important requirements for you to be considered good by your friends.

In fact, this aspect is often used when you want to join a squad, both amateur and professional.

Therefore, it is important for you to be able to have a high KDA so that your friends and professional squad can glance at you.

Now, SPIN Esports will provide powerful tips for you to increase your KDA in Free Fire Season 22.

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Don’t go to crowded places

Drop FF

The first tip is not to be too barbaric by going down in a crowded area at the beginning of the game such as the Clock Tower or the Milky Way Strip.

Although you will get good weapons there, this is certainly a high risk for you because it can be killed early so that it will damage your KDA.

Try to go to the outlying areas on the map such as Mars Electric, Cape Town or Shipyard which have good loot but tend to be safe.

Use Weapon Variations

War Chest Free Fire
Source: Sportskeeda

One of the important things for you to increase your KDA is to always use a variety of weapons, namely long-range and short-range weapons.

SPIN Esports itself suggests that as much as possible you pocket an AR type weapon for close and medium ranges and one sniper weapon for long distances.

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Don’t Play Ngendok

FF Ngendok

It tends to go against the first suggestion, but it’s certainly very different. Even though you have landed in a safe place as much as possible when your ammunition is complete playing the bars is certainly very important.

With the advantage of your ammunition after landing in a place that tends to be safe, you certainly have a large percentage of victory in winning the battle.

Practice Your Aim

Aim FF

When your aim is very good, then it will be converted to kill in the game.

Therefore, you can practice these abilities in the training mode that has been specially provided for you by Free Fire.

Classic Play

FF Classic

If you always fail to play ranked mode, playing classic to increase KDA is the last tip.

In this mode, of course, many players are not too serious about playing and just want to try other things like weapons.

Therefore, you will be able to easily win matches while pocketing a lot of kills in this mode.

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